18 Clubdeck Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Clubdeck Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Clubdeck Shortcuts

Action Clubdeck Shortcut keys
Refresh hallway Ctrl + R
Backchannel tab Ctrl + B
House tab Ctrl + H
Online friends tab Ctrl + O
Events tab Ctrl + E
Create new event Ctrl + Shift + E
Notifications tab Ctrl + N
Mute notifications Ctrl + Shift + X

In-Room Shortcuts

Action Clubdeck Shortcut keys
PTR (Pull To Refresh) Ctrl + P
Toggle remote Audio Ctrl + X
Enumerate the current mute status Ctrl + Shift + 1
Enumerate current speaker Ctrl + Shift + 2
Record a clip (macOS only) C
Hand raise / unraise Ctrl + Shift + R
Accept stage invite Ctrl + Shift + A
Decline stage invite Ctrl + Shift + D
Mute / Unmute Ctrl + M
Filter users (by name or bio) Ctrl + S



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