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92 FileMaker Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a regular FileMaker user, chances are high that you are already using FileMaker Pro shortcuts. For example, to switch to browse mode, I would use the FileMaker Pro shortcut Ctrl + B for Windows and Command + B for Mac users. Utilizing shortcuts is the quickest way to expedite tasks.

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The simplest and most significant piece of advice I would offer to those looking to master FileMaker Pro is this: Learn the FileMaker Pro shortcuts

Most Used FileMaker Pro Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Create a new record or request Ctrl + N
Delete a record or request Ctrl + E
Delete a record without confirmation Ctrl + Shift + E
Duplicate a record or request an object Ctrl + D
Save a layout Ctrl + S
Save a script Ctrl + S
Open the Manage Scripts dialog box Ctrl + Shift + S
Undo the last command Ctrl + Z
Sort Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Print without the Print dialog box Ctrl + Alt + P
Open the Layout pop-up menu F2
Add a new field in the Field Picker dialog box Ctrl + Enter
Open the Field Picker dialog box Ctrl + K
Open the Manage Layouts dialog box Ctrl + Shift + L
Open the Find & Replace dialog box Ctrl + Shift + F
Open the Manage Database dialog box Ctrl + Shift + D
Open a remote file Ctrl + Shift + O
Open a file Ctrl + O
Help F1
Close a file or window Ctrl + W
Close all files or windows Ctrl + Alt + W
Exit or quit FileMaker Pro Alt + F4

Browse Mode Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Modify the last find Ctrl + R
Show all records Ctrl + J
Go to the next record Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Go to the previous record Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Omit a record Ctrl + T
Omit multiple records Ctrl + Shift + T
Refresh a window Ctrl + Shift + R

Navigation Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Go to the next object Tab
Go to the previous object Shift + Tab
Go to the next tab Right Arrow key
Go to the previous tab Left Arrow key
Scroll the document down Page Down key
Scroll the document up Page Up key
Scroll the document to the left Ctrl + Page Up key
Scroll the document to the right Ctrl + Page Down key
Show or hide the status toolbar Ctrl + Alt + S
Zoom document larger F3
Zoom document smaller Shift + F3

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Window Display Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Shortcuts
Cascade document windows Shift + F5
Close a window Ctrl + Shift + F4
Cycle through document windows Ctrl + Tab
Cycle to the previous document window Ctrl + F6
Cycle to the next document window Ctrl + Shift + F6
Resize window – full screen or previous size Ctrl + Alt + Z

Editing Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Insert current date Ctrl + –
Insert current time Ctrl + ;
Insert information from the index Ctrl + I
Insert current username Ctrl + Shift + N
Insert information from the last visited record Ctrl + ‘
Insert information from the last record and move to the next field Ctrl + Shift + ‘
Insert Merge fields Ctrl + M
Paste text from the Clipboard Ctrl + V
Paste text without styles Ctrl + Shift + V
Replace a field’s value Ctrl + =
Select all fields Ctrl + A
Select all objects Ctrl + Shift + A

Switch Modes Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Browse mode Ctrl + B
Find mode Ctrl + F
Layout mode Ctrl + L
Preview mode Ctrl + U

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Text Formatting Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Shortcuts
Align Center Ctrl + \
Align Left Ctrl + [
Align Right Ctrl + ]
Align Justified Ctrl + Shift + \
Bold Text Ctrl + Shift + B
Italic Text Ctrl + Shift + I
Plain Text Ctrl + Shift + P
Underline Text Ctrl + Shift + U
Size next point size up Ctrl + Shift + >
Size next point down Ctrl + Shift + <
Size up one point Ctrl + Alt + Shift + >
Size down one point Ctrl + Alt + Shift + <

Assign Field Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Assign Text Ctrl + T
Assign Number Ctrl + N
Assign Date Ctrl + D
Assign Time Ctrl + I
Assign Timestamp Ctrl + M
Assign Container Ctrl + R
Assign Calculation Ctrl + L
Assign Summary Ctrl + S

Script Debugger Shortcuts

Action FileMaker Pro Shortcuts
Step Over command F5
Step Into command F6
Step Out command F7
Run to Breakpoint command Alt + F8
Halt Script command Ctrl + F8
Set Next Step command Ctrl + Shift + F5
Set or Clear Breakpoint command Ctrl + F9
Remove Breakpoints command Ctrl + Shift + F9
Edit Script command Ctrl + F10

By utilizing the above shortcuts, you will be able to illustrate how much more efficiently development can take place. Make a conscious effort to practice and use these FileMaker Pro shortcuts, and you’ll see a significant change in how you work.



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