142 KeyCreator Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn KeyCreator Shortcuts for Windows

Most used KeyCreator Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcut keys
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Close Window Ctrl + F4
Print Ctrl + P
Print Preview Ctrl + Shift + P
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut to Clipboard Ctrl + X
Copy to Clipboard Ctrl + C
Paste from Clipboard Ctrl + V
Delete Delete

Pan Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcut keys
Pan Window Alt + P
Pan Up Up Arrow key
Pan Down Down Arrow key
Pan Left Left Arrow key
Pan Right Right Arrow key

View Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcuts
Autoscale Ctrl + A
Zoom Window Ctrl + W
Zoom Scale Ctrl + G
Zoom In Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Zoom Out Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Zoom Half Ctrl + H
Zoom Double Ctrl + D
Previous View Ctrl + B
Restore View Ctrl + Shift + B
Top View Alt + 1
Front View Alt + 2
Back View Alt + 3
Bottom View Alt + 4
Right View Alt + 5
Left View Alt + 6
Isometric View Alt + 7
Axonometric View Alt + 8

Set Various Entities Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcuts
Set Default Attributes Alt + X
Set Default Color Alt + K
Set Default Style Alt + S
Set Default Width Alt + Y
Set Active Level Alt + L
Set Attribute Mask Ctrl + E
Set Grid/Snap Alt + G
Change Entity Attributes Ctrl + R
Change Level Ctrl + Shift + L
Edit Entity Ctrl + T
Move Entity Ctrl + M
Set Detail Attributes Alt + J
Set Arrow Direction Ctrl + Shift + J
Change Detail Attributes Ctrl + J
Set Display View Alt + V
Set Construction Plane Ctrl + K
Set Construction Depth Alt + Z

Rotation Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcuts
Dynamic Rotate Alt + Shift + V
Rotate Up Shift + Up Arrow key
Rotate Down Shift + Down Arrow key
Rotate Left Shift + Left Arrow key
Rotate Right Shift + Right Arrow key
Rotate Clockwise Shift + Page Up key
Rotate Counterclockwise Shift + Page Down key

Cplane Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcuts
Top Cplane Ctrl + 1
Front Cplane Ctrl + 2
Back Cplane Ctrl + 3
Bottom Cplane Ctrl + 4
Right Cplane Ctrl + 5
Left Cplane Ctrl + 6

Various Submenu Options Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcut keys
Line Submenu L
Arc Submenu A
Circle Submenu C
Fillet Submenu F
Rectangle Submenu R
Spline Submenu S
Point Submenu P
Vector Submenu V
Plane Submenu E
Trim Submenu T
Break Submenu B
Transform Old-New Submenu W
Transform Delta Submenu X
Transform Mirror Submenu G
Transform Rotate Submenu J
Transform Box Move Submenu M
Linear Dimension Submenu D
Radial Dimension Submenu I
Baseline Dimension Submenu O
Note Submenu N
Primitive Solid Submenu Shift + P
Surface Submenu Shift + S
Boolean Submenu Shift + B
Extrude Submenu Shift + E
Blend Submenu Shift + F
Chamfer Submenu Shift + H
Local Operator Submenu Shift + L
Cut Submenu Shift + C
Modify Solid Submenu Shift + M
Trim/Split Solid Submenu Shift + T

Others KeyCreator Shortcuts

Action KeyCreator Shortcuts
Toggle Grid Alt + Shift + G
Toggle Snap Alt + Shift + N
Toggle Quicktrim Alt + Shift + Q
Toggle Linelimit Alt + Shift + I
Toggle CPlane/World Alt + Shift + C
Toggle 2D/3D Alt + Shift + Z
Toggle View Dependence Alt + Shift + D
Toggle Model/Layout Mode Alt + Shift + L
Instance Display Submenu Alt + Shift + M
Toggle Paper Border Alt + Shift + P
Highlight Instance Specific Alt + Shift + S
Export Image Alt + Shift + F
Calculator Ctrl + I
Record Macro Ctrl + Alt + J
Pause Recording Ctrl + Alt + K
Play Macro Alt + F8
Menu Button 1 F1
Menu Button 2 F2
Menu Button 3 F3
Menu Button 4 F4
Menu Button 5 F5
Menu Button 6 F6
Menu Button 7 F7
Menu Button 8 F8
Menu Button 9 F9
Menu Button 10 F11
Skip/Done in Function F12
Accept/OK Entry in Function Enter
Backup in Function F10
Cancel Function Esc
Next Selection Tab
Help Contents Alt + F1
Help for Selected Item Shift + F1
Toggle Splitter Ctrl + Alt + X
Open Splitter Alt + Right Arrow key
Close Splitter Alt + Left Arrow key
Render Wireframe Shift + 1
Render HLR Shift + 2
Render HLD Shift + 3
Render Flat Shift + 4
Render Smooth Shift + 5
Render Smooth w/ Wireframe Shift + 6
Render Smooth w/o Wireframe Shift + 7
Toggle Silhouette Shift + 8
Modeling Palette Ctrl + `
Magnify Window Ctrl + Alt + W
Tree Window Ctrl + Alt + T



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