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10 LastPass Keyboard Shortcuts

LastPass shortcuts can enhance your password security, but the task may seem daunting. Updating and adding new passwords regularly can be intimidating. However, LastPass now offers a more essential service.

Download LastPass Shortcuts PDF

The LastPass application is utilized for storing passwords online. It’s easy, secure, and compatible across all systems and browsers. Below is a list of LastPass shortcuts you should be familiar with. You can even download the LastPass shortcut list in PDF format.

Most used LastPass Shortcut

Action LastPass Hotkeys
Generate secure password Alt + G
Recheck page Alt + I
Site search Alt + W
Fill in the next login Alt + Page Up key
Fill in the previous login Alt + Page Down key
Open my LastPass vault Ctrl + Alt + H

All of these shortcuts will demonstrate how to minimize time spent on administrative tasks. Another widely used password security application is 1Password.



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