15 Corel Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

Corel Designer Shortcuts are effective not only for creating engineering drawings but also for graphic designing. This software manages images, produces designs, and handles picture modeling tasks. One of the benefits of being a vector-based software is that the image quality remains intact even when resized.

Download Corel Designer Shortcuts PDF

It’s crucial to learn Corel Designer Shortcut keys while using Corel Designer Software. Below is a list of Corel Designer Shortcut keys that will save you time, increase your speed, and enhance your efficiency. Download the Corel Designer Shortcut keys list in PDF format.

Most used Corel Designer Shortcuts

Action Corel Designer Shortcut keys
Em Space Ctrl + Shift + M
En Space Ctrl + Shift + N
1/4 Em space Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Non-Breaking Space Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Column Break or TextFrame Break Ctrl + Enter
Em Dash Alt + _
En Dash Alt + –
Non-Breaking Hyphen Ctrl + Shift + –
Optional Hyphen Ctrl + –
Zoom in Around Pointer F2
Zoom out Around Pointer F3
Zoom to All Objects F4
Refresh Drawing Window F5
Zoom to Selected Objects F6
Zoom to Page F7

If you didn’t know, Corel Designer is the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Both Corel Designer and Adobe Illustrator are vector-based graphics programs. If Corel Designer shortcut keys don’t interest you, consider looking for Adobe Illustrator shortcuts instead.



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