25 Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts for Windows

List of Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts

Learn Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts

Action Ansys Mechanical Shortcut keys
Activate Vertex Selection Ctrl + P
Activate Edge Selection Ctrl + E
Activate Face Selection Ctrl + F
Activate Body Selection Ctrl + B
Activate Node Selection Ctrl + N
Activate Element Selection Ctrl + M
Activate Extend to Adjacent Selection Shift + F1
Activate Extend to Limits Selection Shift + F2
Activate Extend to Connection Selection Shift + F3
Activate Extend to Instances Selection Shift + F4
Open Mechanical User Guide F1
Rename Selected Tree Object F2
Open Tree Search Dialog Box F3
Group Tree Objects Ctrl + G
Ungroup Tree Objects Ctrl + Shift + G
Save Project Ctrl + S
Toggle Between Shaded Exterior and Edge F6
Executes Zoom to Fit Options F7
Hide Selected Faces F8
Hide Selected Bodies F9
Hide All Other Bodies Ctrl + F9
Show All Bodies Shift + F9
Selects All Ctrl + A
Copy Content Ctrl + C

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