25 Ansys Mechanical Keyboard Shortcuts

How do you speed up your Ansys Mechanical simulations? Some may employ hardware, software, and the cloud to decrease computation time, thereby increasing simulation efficiency. But what if you could reduce your engineering time by becoming familiar with Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts? Consider it.

Download Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts PDF

A tooltip will only remind you of Ansys Mechanical Shortcut keys after performing a function or operation. That’s why we’ve compiled Ansys Mechanical Shortcut keys in one place. Download the Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used Ansys Mechanical Shortcuts

Action Ansys Mechanical Shortcut keys
Activate Vertex Selection Ctrl + P
Activate Edge Selection Ctrl + E
Activate Face Selection Ctrl + F
Activate Body Selection Ctrl + B
Activate Node Selection Ctrl + N
Activate Element Selection Ctrl + M
Activate Extend to Adjacent Selection Shift + F1
Activate Extend to Limits Selection Shift + F2
Activate Extend to Connection Selection Shift + F3
Activate Extend to Instances Selection Shift + F4
Open Mechanical User Guide F1
Rename Selected Tree Object F2
Open Tree Search Dialog Box F3
Group Tree Objects Ctrl + G
Ungroup Tree Objects Ctrl + Shift + G
Save Project Ctrl + S
Toggle Between Shaded Exterior and Edge F6
Executes Zoom to Fit Options F7
Hide Selected Faces F8
Hide Selected Bodies F9
Hide All Other Bodies Ctrl + F9
Show All Bodies Shift + F9
Selects All Ctrl + A
Copy Content Ctrl + C

Solidworks is an alternative to Ansys Mechanical software for your business and organization. Also, check out the Solidworks Shortcuts list.



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