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15 Roundcube Keyboard Shortcuts

for Webmail

Roundcube is a powerful and fast web-based email program. With Roundcube Shortcuts you can read and send emails as well as attachments from the web browser.

Download Roundcube Shortcuts PDF

I just thought of listing down RoundCube Shortcut keys for better flexibility. Download the RoundCube Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Roundcube Shortcuts

Action Roundcube Shortcut keys
Mark all visible messages as read A
Compose C
Delete message D
Forward the message F
Show the previous message J
Show next message K
Print this message P
Reply to sender R
Quick search S
Check for new messages U
Expand All E
Collapse All C
Expand Unread U
Help ?

The above list of Roundcube Shortcut keys will work in any of the browsers i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Get a detailed look at Google Chrome Shortcuts as well.

Did you Know: RoundCube is also considered a distraction-free window.


What is Roundcube used for?

Roundcube is used as a web-based email client to access IMAP email accounts.

What platforms does Roundcube support?

Roundcube supports various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Does Roundcube support multiple email accounts?

Yes, Roundcube supports multiple email accounts, allowing users to access and manage all their email accounts in one place.

Does Roundcube have a calendar and contact management feature?

Roundcube does have a calendar and contact management feature, but it may require additional plugins or extensions to be installed.


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