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15 Roundcube Keyboard Shortcuts for Webmail

Roundcube is a powerful and fast web-based email program. With Roundcube Shortcuts you can read and send emails as well as attachments from the web browser.

List of Roundcube Shortcuts

I just thought of listing down RoundCube Shortcut keys for better flexibility. Download the RoundCube Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Roundcube Shortcuts

Action Roundcube Shortcut keys
Mark all visible messages as read A
Compose C
Delete message D
Forward the message F
Show the previous message J
Show next message K
Print this message P
Reply to sender R
Quick search S
Check for new messages U
Expand All E
Collapse All C
Expand Unread U
Help ?

The above list of Roundcube Shortcut keys will work in any of the browsers i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Get a detailed look at Google Chrome Shortcuts as well.

Did you Know: RoundCube is also considered a distraction-free window.


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