Signal vs Telegram – Which is the Best App?

Which is the Best App? Signal vs Telegram

Signal and Telegram are the two of the best WhatsApp alternatives that people have been turning to. These two platforms are used to communicate with friends and strangers. Are you looking forward to trying out the new messaging application? Also, are you confused about which messaging application to be used from the leading application like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal?

Well, Tutorial Tactic will recommend Signal as the best messaging application. In other words, my 100% goes to Signal application when compared to Signal vs. Telegram.

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You must not select applications on the basis of features, how convenient it is to use, etc. But you should be more concerned about which application provides higher privacy.

Signal vs Telegram

Signal Telegram
Signal collects only the user’s phone numbers when it comes to collecting data. Telegram collects information related to you like contact number, name, contacts, user IDs.
The Signal is fully an open-source development Telegram is a partially open-source development
The Signal does not show any interest in collecting your IP address. Telegram along with some other information collects IP address
Signals group, as well as individual messages, are end-to-end encrypted using the Signal Protocol. Telegram individual messages aren’t end-to-end encrypted by default. Turn on the encryption feature in the setting option. Group messages too aren’t end-to-end encrypted using the MTProto 2.0 protocol.
The Signal is ranked second in terms of the best chat software. Telegram is not that far and ranked seventh in terms of best chat software.
Signal provides you with a self-destruct messaging feature. This feature can be used for all the chats. Telegram does provide a self-destruct messaging feature but for secret chats only.
A limited amount of customization can be done while using Signal App. An extensive amount of customization can be done while using Telegram
Signal allows up to 1000 members in a single group. The number of members in a single telegram group is 200,000.
There is no chat back up option other than the device on which you have installed Signal. You can back up the chat data on the Telegram cloud
Signal stands at 20 million monthly active users. Telegram accounts for 400 million monthly active users.
In Signal you can share or transfer only 100 MB file. You can share or transfer files up to 2GB.

A detailed comparison between Signal vs Telegram

1. Encryption

  • Signal messages are end-to-end encrypted which means you and the partner you are chatting with can access your messages.
  • However, In Telegram, some of the messages are end-to-end encrypted while some are not. Some messages are visible to telegram employees, law enforcement, and others. Other than the Secret Chat, Telegram uses Client-Server encryption.

2. Data Collection:

  • Data Collection of Signal is far less when compared with Telegram. Only the phone numbers of the users are collected in Signal.
  • Telegram along with the IP address collect phone numbers, name, contacts, and user ID.

3. Customization:

  • Telegram is way ahead when it comes to customization. An extensive amount of customization can be done in Telegram. You can adjust the font size, color theme, emojis, animation, and notification. Run polls and quizzes, edit photos, videos, and much more.
  • The Signal is a much simpler app as its focus is on basic text messages, media, and voice messages. Overall it is easy to navigate and simpler as it does not have much customization to be done.

4. Privacy and Security:

The Signal is the only winner when it comes to privacy and security. But Signal does lack in terms of features when compared with Telegram and WhatsApp.

5. Group chats and Video calls:

  • Group chats and Group video calls, as well as voice calls, are supported by both the platforms i.e. Signal and Telegram. For group chats, the maximum number of members in a single group is 1000 for Signal.
  • Whereas the number of members in a single group is 200,000 for Telegram.
  • The group calls are allowed for up to 5 members at a single point in time.

6. Disappearing feature vs. self-destruct feature:

The disappearing feature in Signal allows you to disappear chat within anywhere from 5 seconds to one week. Telegram has a self-destruct feature but can be only used for secret conversation and not regular conversation.


Basically, in the end, you must select the application on the basis of your priority. When it comes to security and encryption you must go with Signal. If you wish to make full use of the social network-style feature telegram is the best option. So choose wisely!



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