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84 Zimbra Web Client Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts

Learn Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts
Select next Spacebar
Focus previous Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Focus next Ctrl + Down Arrow Key
Add previous Shift + Up Arrow Key
Add next Shift + Down Arrow Key
Select all Ctrl + A
Select Enter
Action menu Ctrl + Enter

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All Apps Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts
Assistant `
Go to mail G + M
Go to contacts G + A
Go to calendar G + C
Go to IM G + I
Go to notebook G + N
Go to tasks G + T
Go to preferences G + P
Go to briefcase G + B
New item N
New message N + M
New calendar N + L
New contact N + C
New appointment N + A
New folder N + F
New tag N + T
Yeni wiki N + W
Print P
Tag #1 G then 1
Untag items U
Turn off debug Alt + Shift + D then 0
Debug level 1 Alt + Shift + D then 1
Debug level 2 Alt + Shift + D then 2
Debug level 3 Alt + Shift + D then 3
Debug timing Alt + Shift + D then T

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Mail Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts
Check email =
Inbox I
Drafts V + D
Junk folder V + J
Sent V + S
Trash canh V + T
Open message Enter
Mark as muted E
Mark as read M + R
Mark as unread M + U
Toggle flagging messages M + F
Mark the message as junk M + S
Move to a trash can . + T
Reply R
Reply all A
Forward message F
Select next item T
Select the previous item K
Continue reading Spacebar
Go to the previous unread message [
Go to the next unread message ]
Last unread message Shift + ]
First unread message Shift + [
Chat view V + C
Message view V + M
Bottom reading pane M + P + B
Right reading pane M + P + R
Close reading pane M + P + O
Show snippets Q
New folder N + F
Undo Ctrl + Z

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Chat List View Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcuts
Expand chat Right Arrow Key
Collapse chat Left Arrow Key
Expand / collapse chat O
Expand all chats Shift + O
Collapse all chats Ctrl + O
Select the previous unread message Ctrl + [
Select the next unread message Ctrl + ]
Select the first unread message Shift + Ctrl + [
Select the last unread message Shift + Ctrl + ]

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Create Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcut keys
Show keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Q
Send Ctrl + Enter
Cancel Esc
Save draft Ctrl + S
Add attachment Ctrl + M
Search for an address Ctrl + G
HTML / text format Ctrl + H
Spell check Alt + X

Address balloon Shortcuts

Action Zimbra Web Client Shortcut keys
Remove selected addresses Delete
Select next address Right Arrow Key
Select previous address Left Arrow Key



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