36 Evolution Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

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Learn Evolution Shortcuts for Linux

Most used Evolution Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New item in current mode Ctrl + N
Cycle focus between panes F6
Clear search bar Ctrl + Shift + Q
Close Window Ctrl + W
Open new window Ctrl + Shift + W
Quit Evolution Ctrl + Q
Print Selection Ctrl + P
Save selection Ctrl + S
Delete selection Delete
Move mail/contacts to the folder Ctrl + Shift + V
Copy mail/contacts to the folder Ctrl + Shift + Y
Mail Ctrl + 1
Contacts Ctrl + 2
Calendar Ctrl + 3
Tasks Ctrl + 4
Memos Ctrl + 5

Calendar & Task Components Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New appointment Ctrl + Shift + A
New Meeting Ctrl + Shift + E
New task Ctrl + Shift + T
Go to today Ctrl + T
Go to date Ctrl + G

Mail Component Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New message Ctrl + Shift + M
Send/Receive messages F9
Apply filters Ctrl + Y
Open in a new window Ctrl + O
Forward selection Ctrl + F
Next unread message ]
Previous unread message [
Reply to sender Ctrl + R
Reply to list Ctrl + L
Reply to all recipients Ctrl + Shift + R
Scroll up Backspace
Scroll down Spacebar

Contacts & Memo Components Shortcuts

Action Evolution Shortcuts
New contact Ctrl + Shift + C
New contact list Ctrl + Shift + L
New memo Ctrl + Shift + O



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