36 Evolution Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

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Most used Evolution Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New item in current mode Ctrl + N
Cycle focus between panes F6
Clear search bar Ctrl + Shift + Q
Close Window Ctrl + W
Open new window Ctrl + Shift + W
Quit Evolution Ctrl + Q
Print Selection Ctrl + P
Save selection Ctrl + S
Delete selection Delete
Move mail/contacts to the folder Ctrl + Shift + V
Copy mail/contacts to the folder Ctrl + Shift + Y
Mail Ctrl + 1
Contacts Ctrl + 2
Calendar Ctrl + 3
Tasks Ctrl + 4
Memos Ctrl + 5

Calendar & Task Components Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New appointment Ctrl + Shift + A
New Meeting Ctrl + Shift + E
New task Ctrl + Shift + T
Go to today Ctrl + T
Go to date Ctrl + G

Mail Component Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New message Ctrl + Shift + M
Send/Receive messages F9
Apply filters Ctrl + Y
Open in a new window Ctrl + O
Forward selection Ctrl + F
Next unread message ]
Previous unread message [
Reply to sender Ctrl + R
Reply to list Ctrl + L
Reply to all recipients Ctrl + Shift + R
Scroll up Backspace
Scroll down Spacebar

Contacts & Memo Components Shortcuts

Action Evolution Shortcuts
New contact Ctrl + Shift + C
New contact list Ctrl + Shift + L
New memo Ctrl + Shift + O


What is GNOME Evolution?

GNOME Evolution is a personal information management tool for Linux and Unix-like systems, designed to integrate with the GNOME desktop environment. It provides email, calendar, address book, task list, and memo pad functionality.

How do I configure my email account in GNOME Evolution?

To set up an email account in GNOME Evolution, you need to provide your email address, username, password, and the incoming and outgoing mail servers. You can do this by launching Evolution and going to the Edit menu, then selecting Preferences and Mail Accounts. From there, you can add a new account by clicking the Add button.


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