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40 Adobe Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Reader shortcuts are best suited for performing tasks like signing documents, storing and printing files, working with scanned documents, adding comments, and many other tasks. The PDFs are more secure, so you can be at peace. Edit your scanned document, PDF, and image document seamlessly.

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If your goal is to use Adobe Reader at a faster pace, then you must learn the Adobe Reader shortcuts. I know the list is quite long to remember at once, but keep practicing as many as you can. The list of Adobe Reader shortcuts for Windows users below will surely assist you in achieving your desired goal.

Most used Adobe Reader Shortcuts

Action Adobe Reader Shortcuts
Open File Ctrl + O
Close current document Ctrl + W
Exit Ctrl + Q
Print Page Ctrl + P
Save a copy Ctrl + Shift + S
Document properties Ctrl + D
Use hand tool H
Use select tool V
Use snapshot tool G
Find Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Find Previous Shift + F3
Select all Ctrl + A
De-select all Ctrl + Shift + A

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Adobe Reader Shortcut keys
Scroll down Down Arrow key
Scroll up Up Arrow key
Jump one screen down Page Down key
Jump one screen up Page Up key
Jump to the beginning of the document Ctrl + Home
Jump to the end of the document Ctrl + End
Jump one page down Ctrl + Page Down key
Jump one page up Ctrl + Page Up key
Jump to the previously visited page Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump to the next visited page Alt + Right Arrow key
Go to the page number specified Ctrl + Shift + N

Change View Shortcuts

Action Adobe Reader Shortcut keys
Rotate page clockwise Ctrl + Shift + +
Rotate page counter-clockwise Ctrl + Shift + –
Turn Reading Mode on or off Ctrl + H
Turn Full-Screen Mode on or off Ctrl + L
Show or Hide Navigation Pane F4
Show or Hide Toolbar F8
Show or Hide Menu F9

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Zoom Shortcuts

Action Adobe Reader Shortcut keys
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to fit the page Ctrl + 0
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 1
Zoom to fit the width Ctrl + 2
Zoom to fit visible Ctrl + 3
Reflow document Ctrl + 4
Zoom to specific Magnification Ctrl + Y

The shortcuts are used by many people because a large number of people use Adobe Reader. Foxit Reader is another software that can replace Adobe Reader. We have also listed Foxit Reader shortcuts on our website.



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