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50 Xodo Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Xodo Shortcuts

Learn Xodo Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Xodo Shortcuts

Action Xodo Shortcut keys
Next document Ctrl + Tab
Previous document Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Change ink tab Ctrl + 1 to 5
Scroll up Up Arrow Key
Scroll down Down Arrow Key
Scroll page up Page Up Key
Scroll Page down Page Down key
First Page Home
Last Page End
Jump back Ctrl + [
Jump forward Ctrl + ]
Zoom in Ctrl + –
Zoom out Ctrl + +
Reset zoom Ctrl + 0
Rotate view clockwise Ctrl + Shift + +
Rotate view counterclockwise Ctrl + Shift + –
Close the current menu/dialog Esc
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Close the app Ctrl + Shift + W
Find Ctrl + F
Next Search Enter
Previous Search Shift + Enter
Print Ctrl + P
Add Bookmark Ctrl + D

Annotating Shortcuts

Action Xodo Shortcuts
Highlight H
Underline U
Strikethrough K
Crossing out X
Squiggly G
Textbox T
Comment C
Note N
Rectangle R
Oval O
Freehand F
Pen P
Draw D
Eraser E
Line L
Arrow A
Signature S
Image I
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete selected annotation Delete
Start editing the selected textbox or ink Enter
Stop editing textbox or ink Esc



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