40 RK61 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Your search for a mechanical keyboard will come to a standstill with the help of a finished product like Royal Kludge 61, mainly known as RK61. It serves as a great value for the money you pay to purchase this mechanical keyboard. Since you have already spent much on its keyboard I would love to help you by not spending anything but by learning RK61 shortcuts. This article on RK61 shortcuts is especially for those who are well-versed in gaming.

Download RK61 Shortcuts PDF

The RK61 shortcuts manual is the guide for users who want to optimize their work experience with Royal Kludge 61. This manual of RK61 shortcuts provides information on wired mode and charging, Bluetooth connection, backlight control, and multimedia. You can download the RK61 shortcuts manual in the form of a PDF.

Switch the functioning of the keys

Action RK61 Shortcuts
Activate the second function of the combination keys except for the arrow keys.
Pressing again will restore the function of Y, U, I, H, J, K, N, M, and < keys.
Pressing the key combination a third time will restore the original function of the keys.
Fn + Left Ctrl
Access the second function of the arrow keys Fn + Right Shift

Backlight Mode Shortcuts

Action RK61 Shortcuts
Switch backlight mode Fn + \
Control the brightness of the backlight Fn + [
Control the speed of the backlight Fn + ;

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Fn key Shortcuts

Action RK61 Shortcuts
Enable/ Disable Win Key Fn + Lock
` ~ Fn + Esc
F1 Fn + 1
F2 Fn + 2
F3 Fn + 3
F4 Fn + 4
F5 Fn + 5
F6 Fn + 6
F7 Fn + 7
F8 Fn + 8
F9 Fn + 9
F10 Fn + 10
F11 Fn + 11
F12 Fn + 12
Delete Backspace
? Fn + Shift + /
Print Screen Y
Scroll Lock U
Pause I
Insert H
Home J
Page Up K
Delete N
End M
Page Break key ,
Alt Left Arrow key
Context Down Arrow key
Ctrl Right Arrow key

Different Modes Shortcuts

Action RK61 Keyboard Shortcuts
Switch between wired and Bluetooth mode Fn + Tab
Hold for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode Fn + P
Switch between Bluetooth device Fn + W

To sum up, the RK61 keyboard is the best deal for the gaming person. However, mechanical keyboards are gaining more popularity nowadays and hence the hunt for an alternative has picked up its pace. So as per my review, I would strongly suggest Redragon K552 as the solid mechanical keyboard alternative to RK61. Consider having a look at Redragon K552 shortcuts as well.


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