70 PhotoFiltre Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used PhotoFiltre Shortcuts

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcut keys
Stroke and fill Ctrl + B
Image size Ctrl + H
Canvas size Alt + H
Crop image Alt + Ctrl + H
Show image properties Ctrl + J
Repeat the last filter Ctrl + K
Show / Hide the tool pallet Ctrl + L
New image Ctrl + N
Open an image Ctrl + O
Print current image Ctrl + P
Quit PhotoFiltre Ctrl + Q
Revert the image with the last saved version Ctrl + R
Save current image Ctrl + S
Save the image under a new name Ctrl + Shift + S
Duplicate the image currently being edited Ctrl + U
Close active image Ctrl + W
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Fade the last action Ctrl + Shift + Z

Selection and Text Shortcuts

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcut keys
Select all Ctrl + A
Copy image or selection Ctrl + C
Show / Hide Selection Ctrl + D
Show / Hide the image explorer Ctrl + E
Show manual settings window for the selection Ctrl + G
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Add text Ctrl + T
Paste clipboard contents Ctrl + V
Paste clipboard contents as a new image Alt + Ctrl + V
Cut the image or selection Ctrl + X
Cancel paste or text / Hide selection Esc
Validate paste or text Enter
Rectangle selection A
Ellipse selection B
Rounded rectangle selection C
Rhombus selection D
Bottom base triangle selection E
Left base triangle selection F
Top base triangle selection G
Right base triangle selection H
Lasso selection I
Polygon selection J
Move the selection one pixel at a time Arrow keys
Move the selection eight pixels at a time Shift + Arrow keys
Show / Hide the bounding box Double Click
Transform selection to paste Ctrl + Double Click
Cute and transform selection to paste Alt + Ctrl + Double Click

Adjusting image view Shortcuts

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcuts
View in full-screen mode Ctrl + F
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Automatic zoom 0
Actual image size 1

Image Manager Shortcuts

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcuts
Copy Image Ctrl + Shift + C
Move image Ctrl + Shift + M
Rename image file F2
Delete the image Shift + Delete

Navigation keys

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcuts
First image Home
Previous image Page Up key
Next image Page Down key
Last image End

Tools Shortcuts

Action PhotoFiltre Shortcut keys
Pipette tool K
Magic wand tool L
Line tool M
Fill tool N
Spray tool O
Paintbrush tool P
Advanced paintbrush tool Q
Blur tool R
Smudge tool S
Clone stamp tool T
Scrolling tool U


Here are some commonly asked questions about PhotoFiltre shortcuts:

How do I use the shortcut for zooming in and out in PhotoFiltre?

  • To zoom in: Press Ctrl + “+”
  • To zoom out: Press Ctrl + “-“

Is there a shortcut to toggle the grid display in PhotoFiltre?

Yes, you can press Ctrl + G to toggle the grid display on and off.

Can I use shortcuts to adjust the brush size in PhotoFiltre?

Yes, you can use the “[“ and “]” keys to decrease and increase the brush size, respectively.

How do I activate the fullscreen mode in PhotoFiltre using a shortcut?

Press F11 to toggle fullscreen mode in PhotoFiltre.

Is there a shortcut to apply the default settings for a tool in PhotoFiltre?

Yes, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + D to apply the default settings for the currently selected tool.



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