50 City Car Driving Keyboard Shortcuts

City Car Driving is best enjoyed with a gamepad or steering wheel. However, if you prefer using the keyboard as the controller, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with City Car Driving Shortcuts. This game provides you with the opportunity to experience real-life car driving from the comfort of your home, delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

Download City Car Driving Shortcuts PDF

The list below of City Car Driving Shortcuts will help you master basic car driving skills in various road conditions, immersing you in an environment that closely resembles reality. You can download the City Car Driving Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most Used City Car Driving Game Shortcuts

Action City Car Driving Commands
Horn H
Seat belt B
Windscreen wipers switching Tab
Adjustment of mirrors F

Car Shortcuts

Action City Car Driving Commands
Acceleration Up Arrow key
Brake Down Arrow key
Clutch T
Move Left Left Arrow key
Turn Right Right Arrow key
Next Gear W
Previous Gear S
1st Gear 1
2nd Gear 2
3rd Gear 3
4th Gear 4
5th Gear 5
6th Gear 6
Neutral Gear 0
Reverse 9
All-Wheel Drive Q
Reduction Gear X
Parking Brake Spacebar
Engine On or Off E
Boost The Mode Shift

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View Shortcuts

Action City Car Driving Commands
Next Camera C
Previous Camera V
Look Left Ctrl
Look Right Ctrl
Camera Upwards 7
Move The Camera Downwards 1
Reset The Camera Position 5
Mirrors On or Off J
Look Backward Z
Mini GPS Navigator On or Off O
GPS Navigator On or Off M
Navigator Zoom In Page Up key
Navigator Zoom Out Page Down key
Move The Camera Forward 8
Move The Camera Backward 2
Move The Camera To The Left 4
Move The Camera To The Right 6

Light Shortcuts

Action City Car Driving Controls
Parking Lights or Headlights L
High Beam K
Hazard Lights G
Left Turn Signal <
Right Turn Signal >

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