40 LSPDFR GTA Game Keyboard Shortcuts

Download LSPDFR Controls PDF

You can become a police officer in Grand Theft Auto V’s LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) add-on. The modification is PC-only.

Download LSPDFR Controls PDF

Learn LSPDFR Games Shortcuts for Windows

Most used LSPDFR Game Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Game Shortcuts
Toggle on the foot radio N
Hold Action Caps Lock
Toggle backup menu B
Toggle interaction menu N
While having a gun in hand and aiming at the person you want to arrest: Hands up E
While near standing on top of the victim: Cuff E
Go behind and press E to make them sit E
Toggle Keep Calm Ctrl + D + 9
Toggle MakePedsCalmAgain Ctrl + I
Default key bind Ctrl + Z
Toggle the traffic control menu Ctrl + F10
Stop traffic Ctrl + U
Open court menu F9
Open traffic stop menu E
Stop someone on foot E
Issue ticket Shift + Q

PoliceSmartRadio Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Hotkeys
Toggle radio C
Browse the radio menu G
Select item Z
Next page in the radio menu Right Arrow key
Previous page in the radio menu Left Arrow key

Traffic Police Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Hotkeys
Follow me Ctrl + T
Mimic me Ctrl + Q
Custom pullover location Ctrl + W
Drugalyzer Ctrl + O
Breathalyzer Shift + O
Road management F6
Parking ticket Ctrl + E
Confiscate car keys 0
Mark drugs on the map 9
Go to court 0
Attempt repairs T
Toggle speed checker modes F5
Close UI F5
Place speed radar checkpoints and custom pullover location placement 0 – 9
Place barricade to close the road Ctrl + J
Remove all barricades J


What is LSPDFR?

LSPDFR stands for Los Santos Police Department First Response and is a mod for the PC version of the game Grand Theft Auto V that allows you to play as a police officer.

How do I install LSPDFR?

To install LSPDFR, you need to have the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V installed on your computer. You can then download LSPDFR from the official website and follow the installation instructions provided there.

What kind of gameplay does LSPDFR offer?

LSPDFR offers a variety of police-related gameplay, including traffic stops, pursuits, investigations, and more. You can also use various police vehicles and equipment, such as sirens, guns, and handcuffs.

Are there any requirements to run LSPDFR?

Yes, LSPDFR requires a PC with at least 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit version of Windows 10. You will also need a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, as well as several other mods and plugins that LSPDFR relies on.

Is LSPDFR free?

Yes, LSPDFR is a free mod that you can download and use with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC.

Can I play LSPDFR with friends?

Yes, you can play LSPDFR with friends using the Multiplayer mod or other multiplayer plugins available for Grand Theft Auto V.


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