40 LSPDFR GTA Game Shortcuts – LSPDFR Controls PDF

download LSPDFR Game Shortcuts PDF

You can become a police officer in Grand Theft Auto V’s LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) add-on. The modification is PC-only.

Download LSPDFR Controls PDF

Learn LSPDFR Games Shortcuts for Windows

Most used LSPDFR Game Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Game Shortcuts
Toggle on the foot radio N
Hold Action Caps Lock
Toggle backup menu B
Toggle interaction menu N
While having a gun in hand and aiming at the person you want to arrest: Hands up E
While near standing on top of the victim: Cuff E
Go behind and press E to make them sit E
Toggle Keep Calm Ctrl + D + 9
Toggle MakePedsCalmAgain Ctrl + I
Default key bind Ctrl + Z
Toggle the traffic control menu Ctrl + F10
Stop traffic Ctrl + U
Open court menu F9
Open traffic stop menu E
Stop someone on foot E
Issue ticket Shift + Q

PoliceSmartRadio Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Hotkeys
Toggle radio C
Browse the radio menu G
Select item Z
Next page in the radio menu Right Arrow key
Previous page in the radio menu Left Arrow key

Traffic Police Shortcuts

Action LSPDFR Hotkeys
Follow me Ctrl + T
Mimic me Ctrl + Q
Custom pullover location Ctrl + W
Drugalyzer Ctrl + O
Breathalyzer Shift + O
Road management F6
Parking ticket Ctrl + E
Confiscate car keys 0
Mark drugs on the map 9
Go to court 0
Attempt repairs T
Toggle speed checker modes F5
Close UI F5
Place speed radar checkpoints and custom pullover location placement 0 – 9
Place barricade to close the road Ctrl + J
Remove all barricades J


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