10 Microsoft To Do Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & macOS

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Learn Microsoft To Do Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most used Microsoft To Do Shortcuts

Action Microsoft To Do Shortcut keys Windows Microsoft To Do Shortcut keys Mac
Add a new task Ctrl + N Command + N
Create a new list Ctrl + L Command + L
Add a task to My Day Ctrl + T Command + T
Complete task Ctrl + D Command + D
Search Ctrl + F Command + F
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Sync now Ctrl + R Command + R
Open sidebar in minified view Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Expand task Spacebar Spacebar


What is Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft To Do is a personal task management app that helps users organize and prioritize their to-do lists. It can be used to create tasks, set reminders, and track progress.

Is Microsoft To Do available on all platforms?

Yes, Microsoft To Do is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the web.

Can I share my to-do list with others?

Yes, Microsoft To Do allows users to share their to-do lists with others.

Can I add a due date to my tasks in Microsoft To Do?

Yes, Microsoft To Do allows users to set due dates for their tasks.


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