20 IBM SPSS Modeler Keyboard Shortcuts

The IBM SPSS tool is primarily used for statistical analysis of data. The SPSS Modeler tool enhances researchers’ ability to build and validate predictive models using statistical procedures. IBM SPSS Modeler shortcuts are useful for data analysis and visualization.

Download IBM SPSS Modeler Shortcuts PDF

SPSS Modeler Shortcuts will help you learn fundamentals such as reading text data, modifying text data, defining text data, conducting final data analysis, and presenting final analytical results. This will save you time and improve decision-making. Download the IBM SPSS Modeler Shortcut Keys in PDF format.

Most used IBM SPSS Modeler Shortcuts

Action IBM SPSS Modeler Shortcuts
New Stream Ctrl + N
Open Stream Ctrl + O
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Save Current Stream Ctrl + S
Select All Nodes Downstream of Selected Node Ctrl + Q
Deselect All Downstream Nodes Ctrl + W
Run from Selected Node Ctrl + E
Open PopUp Menu for Selected Node Shift + F10
Duplicate Node Ctrl + Alt + D
Rename Node Ctrl + Alt + R
Load Node Ctrl + Alt + L
Create User Input Node Ctrl + Alt + U
Toggle Cache ON or Off Ctrl + Alt + C
Zoom in or out Ctrl + Alt + Z
Flush Cache Ctrl + Alt + F
Expand SuperNode Ctrl + Alt + X
Delete Node or Connection Delete

Although Excel provides a good way to organize data, I find SPSS Modeler to be the best tool for predictive analytics. You may also want to explore Excel Shortcut keys for data manipulation. Another predictive analytics software solution often compared is Alteryx. You can find the Alteryx Shortcuts listed on our website as well.



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