88 Airmail Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

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Most used Airmail Shortcuts

Action Airmail Shortcuts
Label L
Move to Label/Folder V
Mark as Star Shift + Command + S
Move To V
New Message Command + N
Select Next Conversation N
Select Previous Conversation P
Refresh/Get Messages Command + Option + R
Mark as Unread Command + Shift + U
Cancel or Extend View Command + .
Mark as Read Command + Shift + U
Remove all Filter 0
Redirect Control + Option + Command + R
Send Again Option + Shift + Command + D
Go to First Command + Home
Go to Last Command + End
Hide Message Preview Pane Command + Left Arrow key
Show Message Preview Pane Command + Right Arrow key
Set Actions T
Select mails for the same Sender/Receiver =
Mark as Important Command + Shift + I
Mark as Not Important Command + Shift + I
Reply Command + R
Reply All Command + Shift + R
Quick Reply Command + E
Quick Reply All Shift + Command + E
To Do Option + Command + B
Memo Option + Command + N
Done Option + Command + M
Load Image Option + J
Switch Account Control + 1-9
Operations Control + T
Attach Shift + Command + A
Reveal hidden folder Option + Shift + Command + F
Hide Hidden Folders Option + Shift + Command + F
Export to email Option + Command + E
Copy message Link Control + Option + Command + C
Paste and Match Style Option + Shift + Command + V
Paste text only Shift + Command + V
Search All Messages Command + F
Find in Messages Option + Command + F
Quote Selection Option + Command + I
Plain text composer Shift + Command + T
Convert to ‘Reply All’ while replying Control + Command + A
Next sender while composing Control + Command + S
Next signature while composing Control + Command + I
Open the message in the separate preview window Command + O
Show Raw Source Option + Command + U
Zoom in Command + +
Zoom out Command + –
Reset Zoom Command + 0
Switch to plain text Control + Option + Command + V
Show All/Remove all filters 0
Show Unread 1
Show Starred 2
Show Attachments 3
Show Conversations 4
Sort by Sender 5
Sort by Subject 6
Sort by Replied 7
Sort by Unread 8
Sort by Date 9
Select messages from the same sender =
Show messages from the same sender Control + F
Reverse Order Option + Shift + Command + I
Show/Hide Filter Control + Option + F
Show/Hide Accounts Option + Command + Down Arrow key
Hide Folders Option + Command + Left Arrow key
Show Folders Option + Command + Right Arrow key
Hide Message Detail Command + Left Arrow key
Show Message Detail Command + Right Arrow key
Calendar Control + Option + C
Reminders Control + Option + R
BusyCal Control + Option + Y
Fantastical Control + Option + F
Fantastical2 Control + Option + S
OmniFocus Control + Option + O
Things Control + Option + T
2Do Control + Option + H
Find All Folders Shift + Command + L
Show Folder Filter Control + Command + L
New Folder Shift + Command + N
Delete Empty trash Control + Option + Command
All inboxes Shift + Command + Up Arrow key
Next Account Control + Command + Right Arrow key
Previous Account Control + Command + Left Arrow key
Show Plugins Folders Control + Command + P
Rules Control + Command + R


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How do I organize my emails in Airmail?” answer-0=”Airmail offers several features for organizing your emails, including creating folders, labels, and setting up filters.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do I attach files to an email in Airmail?” answer-1=”To attach files to an email in Airmail, simply click on the attach icon while composing an email and select the file you wish to attach.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Does Airmail have a built-in calendar?” answer-2=”No, Airmail does not have a built-in calendar. However, it does integrate with Apple and Google calendar, so you can view your calendar events and schedule directly from Airmail.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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