28 X_Trader 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn X_Trader 7 Shortcuts for Windows

Function Shortcuts

Action X_Trader 7 Shortcut keys
Tick Limit price up F3
Tick Limit price down F4
Repeat order F5
Change F6
Cancel/Replace F7
Cancel all Bids F8
Cancel all Offers F9
Focus on customer Insert
Focus on quantity Home
Focus on price End
Cancel selected orders Delete

Main Shortcuts

Action X_Trader 7 Shortcuts
Accept order(s) Alt + A
Submit order(s) Alt + S
Cancel all orders Alt + X
Claim order(s) Alt + C
Repeat order Alt + R
Focus on the Trigger price Alt + T
Hold order(s) Alt + H
Unclaim order(s) Alt + U
Inquire order(s) Alt + I
Performs data dump Alt + Shift + L
Pause selected order(s) P
Pause all orders Alt + P
Launch order details Alt + /
Send order(s) to market Enter
Promote selected order(s) Up Arrow Key
Resume selected order(s) Right Arrow Key
Resume all orders Alt + Right Arrow Key



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