21 OBS Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

OBS Studio Shortcuts are assigned to reduce the number of steps and the mouse clicks to do any tasks. With OBS Studio Shortcuts, you can save your working time. OBS Studio Shortcuts ensures a smooth and professional live-streaming experience and even elevates to a new height.

Download OBS Studio Shortcuts PDF

The range of OBS Studio starts from a simple start and stop to layouts and transitions leading to enhancing your performance. They contribute towards a more polished presentation. Given below is the list of OBS Studio Shortcuts that avoid disruptive mouse movements on the screen. Download the OBS Studio Shortcut Keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used OBS Studio Shortcuts

Action OBS Studio Shortcut keys
Copy Source Ctrl + C
Paste Source Ctrl + V
Remove Source Delete

Preview Shortcuts

Action OBS Studio Shortcut keys
Nudge source up Up Arrow key
Nudge source down Down Arrow key
Nudge source left Left Arrow key
Nudge source right Right Arrow key
Crop a source Alt
Stretch a source Shift
Temporarily disable source snapping Ctrl
Move preview Spacebar
Zoom preview Spacebar + Mouse Scroll

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Order Shortcuts

Action OBS Studio Shortcut keys
Move the source up in the sources list Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move the source down in the sources list Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Move the source to the top of the sources list Ctrl + Home
Move the source to the bottom of the sources list Ctrl + End

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Transform Shortcuts

Action OBS Shortcut keys
Edit transform Ctrl + E
Reset transform Ctrl + R
Fit to screen Ctrl + F
Stretch to screen Ctrl + S
Center to screen Ctrl + D

Many content creators will choose OBS Studio for their project completion as it is free. But there are a few who will prefer using ShareX as they find OBS Studio a bit difficult to set up and use. The only drawback about ShareX is that it is only available for Windows devices. Another one on the list of alternatives is Movavi. Assess the ShareX Shortcuts list and Movavi Shortcuts list.


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