45 Front Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

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Learn Front Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Front Shortcuts

Action Front Shortcut Keys
Previous Up Arrow key
Next Down Arrow key
Multiple selection Shift + Up Arrow key
Reply R
Reply in a new window Shift + R
Reply all A
Reply all in a new window Shift + A
Forward Shift + F
Toggle side-panel Ctrl + Shift + I
Send & Archive Ctrl + Enter
Send Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Focus search field /
Reload conversations Shift + X
Archive E
Delete # then Delete
Mark as spam !
Assign W
Take the lead Q
Move V
Comment M
Comment mention @
Follow F
Snooze S
Toggle availability Shift + V
View shortcuts ?
View details Shift + I
Open link Shift + O

Composer Shortcuts

Action Front Shortcuts
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Bold Command + B
Italic Command + I
Underline Command + U
Insert a link Command + K
Add Cc Command + Shift + C
Add Bcc Command + Shift + B
Edit Subject Command + Shift + S
Paste without style Command + Shift + Alt + V
Add a canned response Command + Shift + O
Add a reminder Command + Shift + L
Pop-out Command + Shift + P

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Front Shortcuts
Go to all G then A
Navigate to a specific inbox G then I
Go to Teammate G then M
Go to tag G then L
Go to filter G then F



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