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77 Krusader Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Krusader Shortcuts

Learn Krusader Shortcuts for Windows

Function keys

Action Krusader Shortcut keys
Help F1
Rename files F2
View files F3
Edit files F4
Copy files F5
Move files F6
Create a new folder F7
Delete (or move to Trash) files F8
Terminal F9
Quit F10

Shift Shortcuts

Action Krusader Shortcuts
What’s this? Shift + F1
Multi-rename (Krename) Shift + F2
Enter a URL to view Shift + F3
Edit new file Shift + F4
Copy by queue Shift + F5
Move by queue Shift + F6
View all files Shift + F10
Custom view files Shift + F12
Change to the left folder tab Shift + Left Arrow Key
Change to the right folder tab Shift + Right Arrow Key

Alt Shortcuts

Action Krusader Shortcut keys
Select All Alt + +
Unselect All Alt + –
Invert Selection Alt + *
Show/Hide hidden (dot) files Alt + .
MountMan Alt + /
User Menu Alt + `
Home Alt + Home
Properties Alt + Enter
Left bookmarks Alt + Left Arrow Key
Right bookmarks Alt + Right Arrow Key
Sidebar Alt + Down Arrow Key
Standard (Plasma™) key-bindings Alt + F1… to F12

Alt + Shift Shortcuts

Action Krusader Shortcuts
Brief View Alt + Shift + B
Compare Folders Alt + Shift + C
Detailed View Alt + Shift + D
Test Archive Alt + Shift + E
Start Root mode Krusader Alt + Shift + K
Panel profiles Alt + Shift + L
Sync panels aka “Equals Button (=)” Alt + Shift + O
Pack files Alt + Shift + P
Queue Manager Alt + Shift + Q
Disk Usage Alt + Shift + S
Unpack files Alt + Shift + U

Ctrl Shortcuts

Action Krusader Shortcuts
Add a bookmark for the current item Ctrl + B
Open Bookmarks in the active panel Ctrl + D
Edit file as root (Default User action) Ctrl + E
Open Quicksearch bar Ctrl + F
Open the History list in the active panel Ctrl + H
Open QuickFilter bar Ctrl + I
A Safari-like Jump-Back Ctrl + J
Go to the Location Toolbar (origin) as in Firefox® and Konqueror Ctrl + L
Open media list Ctrl + M
New Network Connection dialog Ctrl + N
Select the folder dialog to open this folder in the panel Ctrl + O
Split file Ctrl + P
Quit Krusader Ctrl + Q
Reload (Refresh) panel Ctrl + R
Search Ctrl + S
Swap panels (do not swap all folder tabs) Ctrl + U
Close Current tab Ctrl + W
Synchronize Folders Ctrl + Y
Popular URLs Ctrl + Z
Select Group Ctrl + +
Unselect group Ctrl + –
Open the command line history list Ctrl + /
Go from the active panel to the command line/terminal emulator Ctrl + Down Arrow Key
Go from the command line/terminal emulator to the active panel Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Go from the active panel to the Location Toolbar Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Jump to the Home folder Ctrl + Home
Focus a file or folder on the left panel, press Ctrl+Left, and the right panel changes Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow Key
on a file: the right panel gets the same path as the left panel Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow Key
on a folder: refreshes the right panel with the contents of the folder Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow Key
For the right panel: press Ctrl+Right and the left panel will change Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow Key
Jump to the Root folder Ctrl + Backspace
Up one folder Ctrl + Page Up key
Go to the folder from the other panel Ctrl + =
When the media menu is open (un) mount the highlighted device Ctrl + Enter



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