Kibana Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

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Most used Kibana Shortcuts

Action Kibana Shortcut keys
Auto indent current request Command + I
Open Autocomplete Command + Spacebar
Submit request Command + Return
Jump to the previous/next request start or end Command + Up & Down Arrow key
Collapse/expand the current scope Command + Option + L
Collapse all scopes but the current one. Expand by adding a shift Command + Option + 0
Switch focus to the auto-complete menu Down Arrow key
Select the currently selected or the topmost term in the auto-complete menu Tab
Close auto-complete menu Esc


What are the key features of Kibana?

Kibana offers several features, including interactive data visualizations, advanced data analytics and exploration, real-time data monitoring, machine learning integration, and dashboard creation and customization.

What types of data sources can be used with Kibana?

Kibana can be used with various data sources, including logs, metrics, and other structured or unstructured data.

What programming languages are used to develop Kibana?

Kibana is primarily developed using JavaScript, with additional support for HTML, CSS, and other web technologies.


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