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10 JW Player Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn JW Player Shortcut keys for Windows

Most used JW Player Shortcuts

Action JW Player Shortcut keys
Pause/Play video playback Spacebar
Pause/Play video playback Enter
Mute/Unmute video volume M
Increase volume by 10% Up Arrow key
Decrease volume by 10% Down Arrow key
Seek forward by 5 seconds Right Arrow key
Seek backward by 5 seconds Left Arrow key
Fast seek to x% of the video 0..9
Enter or exit fullscreen F
Press c to toggle through the captions list C


What is JW Player?

JW Player is a popular multimedia player used for playing audio and video content on websites. It provides a customizable and feature-rich player that supports various media formats and offers advanced playback capabilities.

Are there any commonly used shortcut keys for JW Player?

Some common playback-related shortcuts you may encounter include:

  • Spacebar: Play or pause the media.
  • Left/Right arrow keys: Seek backward or forward in the media.
  • Up/Down arrow keys: Increase or decrease the volume.


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