22 QTranslate Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used QTranslate Shortcuts

Action QTranslate Shortcut keys
Text translation Ctrl + Enter
Clear current translation Ctrl + N
Show dictionary Ctrl + D
Show selected dictionary selected 1..9th translation service Ctrl + Alt + 1..9
Show translation history Ctrl + H
Show virtual keyboard Ctrl + K
Switch to the next translation service Ctrl + Tab
Switch to the previous translation service Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to the 1..9th translation service Ctrl + 1..9
Reset language pair to auto-detected Shift + Esc
Select language pair Ctrl + Shift + 1-9
Swap translation direction Ctrl + I
Show suggestion/autocomplete menu Ctrl + Spacebar
Show help F1
Turn on/off full-screen mode F11
Go to the previous translation Alt + Left Arrow key
Go to the next translation Alt + Right Arrow key
Copy translation to the text input box Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Show selected text on the main screen Ctrl then Ctrl
Translate the selected text and show the result in a popup window Ctrl + Q
Show dictionary window Ctrl + Shift + Q
Listen to selected text Ctrl + E



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