10 ICQ Chat Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

For millions of people who like to chat over the Internet, the ICQ Chat messaging service will come as a relief. ICQ Chat Shortcuts offers services of not just text messages but also swap files. ICQ Chat even lets you stay connected with a bad internet connection without compromising security and privacy.

Download ICQ Chat Shortcuts PDF

Considering where we spend most of our time, we look for essentials, and one of those essentials will be learning the ICQ shortcuts. Given below is the list of ICQ Shortcuts that are essential to learn. Download this list of ICQ Chat Shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used ICQ Chat Shortcuts

Action ICQ Chat Shortcut keys
Simulate Double Clicking on the System Tray Ctrl + Shift + I
Activate and Deactivate User Window Ctrl + Shift + A
Close ICQ Alt + F4
Send a URL to a contact Ctrl + Shift + F6
Change status Alt + S
Receive incoming message Ctrl + Shift + I
Select a buddy Insert + +

ICQ was originally used as a simple chat program but gained more popularity with its support for audio and video text, e-mail, and file transfer. Russia and Eastern Europe are where it gained most of its popularity. However, Facebook and other social network like Telegram and Signal took over. Dip into Facebook Shortcuts, Telegram Shortcuts, and Signal Shortcuts list.


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