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42 Undertale Debug Mode Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Undertale Debug Mode Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Undertale: Debug Mode Shortcuts

Action Undertale: Debug Mode Shortcuts
Opens dimensional box G
(in shop) Sets gold to 5000 G
Opens a normally unused dialog to take items out of a dimensional box O
Same as above, but to put away I
Opens the save dialog S
Instantly loads your saved file L
Increase murder level by 1 M
Sets game speed to double normal speed, and FPS to 60, for the duration of a room. Does not affect sound F
Toggle room speed between fast and normal P
When pressed seven times in quick succession, restarts the game R
Toggles Undyne phone calls. Turns the player blue if enabled, yellow if disabled U
Shows room collision boxes V
Slows the game down to 10 FPS W
Increase battle group by 5. Does not roll over to 0 after 256 5
Increases walk speed when held down Backspace
Increase “steps” by 100 Page Up key
Sets attack in the STAT menu to 989. Appears to be cosmetic only Page Down key
Plays the next monster (Flowey if in a genocide run) dialogue from New Home End
Starts a battle with the current battle group. The default is 140 in version 1.0 and 80 (Mettaton) in version 1.001 Home
Teleport to the next room in the room list. Places you in a specific position Insert
Teleport to the previous room Delete
Place a file system_information_962 in your save folder. After the game restarts, puts you on the black screen after a genocide run F3
Adds 500 gold F7
Stops all sounds and music currently playing F9
Toggle collision with walls F10
Teleport to the room after Papyrus’s boss fight (room_water1/id?82) F11
Restart room F12
Teleport to Ruins tile puzzle room (room_ruins2/id:7) R + 6
Teleport to the outside of Ruins exit (room_tundra1/id:44) T + 6
Same as F11 W + 6
Teleport to Hotlands water cooler room (room_fire2/id:138) F + 6
Teleport to New Home entrance (room_castle_front/id:219) E + 6
Teleport to True Lab entrance (room_truelab_elevator/id:244) Y + 6

Battle Shortcuts

Action Undertale Shortcut keys
Halves game speed. Don’t go below 1 FPS, or the game will crash 1
Doubles game speed. Don’t go past 2x normal game speed. Will crash the game if pressed too many times 2
Shortens current enemy turn 8
Extends current enemy turn 9
Sets game speed to double normal speed F
Slows the game down to 10 FPS W
Sets HP to 999 for the current fight Delete
Sets mercy to 0 and attack to 9999 F6
Sets mercy to 9999, enabling the spare option instantly. Some enemies that cannot be normally spared turn into Aaron O + P



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