100 Xactimate Keyboard Shortcuts

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Xactimate is a feature-rich, cross-platform software program for property claims that were created for insurance adjusters.

Download Xactimate Shortcuts Codes PDF

Learn Xactimate Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Xactimate Shortcuts

Action Xactimate Shortcut keys
Go to Insured Info Ctrl + N
Go to Parameters Ctrl + R
Open Digital Images Ctrl + I
Go to XactContents Ctrl + Q
Go to Estimate Items, Line Item Entry Ctrl + E
Open Estimate Reports Ctrl + P
Open Underwriting Checklist Ctrl + W
Go to Coverage/Loss Ctrl + L
Go to Sketch Ctrl + K
Open Totals Summary Report Ctrl + T
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Delete
Undo Ctrl + Z
Room R
Wall Shift + W
Roof F
Browse Roof Types Spacebar
Dormer E
Staircase C
Deck Shift + D
Fence Ctrl + F
Doorway D
Window W
Missing Wall M
Square Break Tool B
Vertex Tool V
Flip Horizontally [
Flip Vertically ]
Rotate Clockwise Q
Line Tool Shift + \
Arrow Tool /
Rectangle Tool Shift + R
Ellipse Tool 0
Fill Tool Shift + I
Snap Line Tool S
Pan Tool On/Off Spacebar
Save Macro Ctrl + Shift + M
Open Macros Ctrl + M

View Shortcuts

Action Xactimate Shortcuts
Plan View 1
Elevation View 2
3D View 3
View top Shift + 1
View Front Shift + 2
View back Shift + 3
View left Shift + 4
View right Shift + 5
View front left Shift + 6
View front right Shift + 7
View back left Shift + 8
View back right Shift + 9
Zoom Out
Zoom In +
Zoom to Fit Ctrl + –
Zoom to Selection Ctrl + +
Default Zoom Backspace

Others Shortcuts

Action Xactimate Shortcuts
Save Current View Shift + V
Show or Hide Label Shift + L
Show or Hide Measurements Shift + M
Show or Hide Grid Shift + G
Show or Hide Outline Shift + O
Reset Window Layout Ctrl + Shift + R
Open Search Window Ctrl + Shift + 1
Open Images Window Ctrl + Shift + 4
Activate Item and Activities Window Ctrl + Shift + 2
Go to Next Level Ctrl + Page Down key
Go to the Previous Level Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch Between Plan View and 3-D View Shift + Spacebar
Load Copy from Underlay Tool U
Cancel Active Tool Esc
Move workspace Arrow keys
Set Scale G
Orientation N
Block O
Reference Line L
Reference Area A
Reference Point P
Open Level Properties Ctrl + Enter
Annotation Text T
Create Roof F
Create Faces C
Ridge Line R
Hip Ridge Line P
Edge Line E
Auto Line Type A
Find Roof Perimeter M
Orientation N
Interior Line I
Valley Y
Select Alternate Rotation Line Tab
Hide Segmentation Alt
Shorter Rotation Lines Left Arrow keys
Longer Rotation Lines Right Arrow keys
Loosen perimeter Up Arrow keys
Tighten perimeter Down Arrow keys


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