45 IBM Maximo Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Are you wondering what IBM Maximo is used for? Well, IBM Maximo is an asset management tool. A cloud-based technology that will give you access from any device. IBM Maximo shortcuts are a good solution option for operating, maintaining, and disposing of a company’s assets. Assets like stock, contracts, buying, working with executives, and security are all included in the asset life cycle.

Download IBM Maximo Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of IBM Maximo Shortcuts that reduce labour time and minimize the efforts put into the task or asset management. It is a reliable management solution as it has been serving the market for over three decades. Download the IBM Maximo Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Toolbar Shortcuts

Action IBM Maximo Shortcuts
Insert New Record Ctrl + Alt + I
Save Record Ctrl + Alt + S
Clear changes Ctrl + Alt + C
Previous Record Ctrl + Alt + P
Next Record Ctrl + Alt + N
Change Status Ctrl + Alt + A
Create KPI Ctrl + Alt + K
Assign Labor Ctrl + Alt + L
Finish Assignment Ctrl + Alt + F
Interrupt Assignment Ctrl + Alt + U
Select Work Date Ctrl + Alt + E
Start Assignment Ctrl + Alt + T
Start Timer Ctrl + Alt + B
Stop Timer Ctrl + Alt + E

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Date Dialog Box Shortcuts

Action IBM Maximo Shortcuts
Next Month Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Previous Month Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Next Year Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Previous Year Ctrl + Down Arrow key

Data Field Shortcuts

Action IBM Maximo Shortcut keys
Insert today’s date Ctrl + =
Move back one day
Move forward one day Ctrl + +

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Table Windows Shortcuts

Action IBM Maximo Shortcut keys
Next Row Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Previous Row Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Open or Close the table window Filter Ctrl + Z
Previous Page Ctrl + <
Next Page Ctrl + >

Navigation Shortcuts

Action IBM Maximo Shortcuts
Display field help for the field in focus Alt + F1
Expand the Help menu Alt + L
Bulletins Alt + B
Go To Alt + G
Reports Alt + R
Start Center Alt + C
Profile Alt + P
Sign Out Alt + S
Help Alt + H
Return Alt + R
Return with Value Alt + W
Move from one interface element to the next Tab
Select buttons, links, and menu options Enter
Select or clear a check box Spacebar

The list of Maximo Shortcuts may interest you if you are simply a Maximo user and want to increase efficiency. UpKeep is a good IBM Maximo alternative as it helps you to streamline the workflow process. The teams would know exactly what work needs to be done and when it needs to be done resulting in reducing costs and increasing the uptime of the asset. View the list of Upkeep Shortcuts listed on our website.


What are the benefits of using IBM Maximo?

Some of the benefits of using IBM Maximo include better asset management, increased asset uptime and availability, reduced maintenance costs, improved regulatory compliance, and enhanced operational efficiency.

What industries use IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is used across various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, transportation, oil and gas, healthcare, and government.


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