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50 FlashFXP Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a professional who works with FTP files every day, then you must be familiar with FlashFXP shortcuts. Additionally, FlashFXP provides additional security with SFTP, FTPS, and seamless one-time password support. You can always rely on FlashFXP to quickly and efficiently complete your tasks.

Download FlashFXP Shortcuts PDF

The list of FlashFXP shortcuts below will enable you to publish and maintain your website. Uploading and downloading images, videos, files, music, and more just got easier. Download the FlashFXP shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used FlashFXP Shortcuts

Action FlashFXP Shortcuts
Select all Ctrl + A
Pops up the bookmark menu Ctrl + B
Compare folder content Ctrl + D
Edit file Ctrl + E
Find file Ctrl + F
Manual get Ctrl + G
Go up one level to the parent directory Ctrl + H
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Disconnect the server of the active side Ctrl + J
Display the Connect menu Ctrl + K
Switch between the local and remote file browser Ctrl + L
Move selected files or directories Ctrl + M
Rename Ctrl + N
Open Change Attributes dialogue Ctrl + O
Stop queue after current transfer Ctrl + P
Queue selected items Ctrl + Q
Raw command dialogue Ctrl + R
Mask select Ctrl + S
Transfer selected items Ctrl + T
Copy selected items Ctrl + U
View File Ctrl + V
Toggle synchronized browsing Ctrl + W
Transfer queue Ctrl + Z
Change directory Ctrl + Insert
Quickly switch between browser panes Ctrl + Tab
Clear marked list Ctrl + Shift + C
Export marked list to the clipboard Ctrl + Shift + E
Import marked list from clipboard Ctrl + Shift + I
Queue selected items Ctrl + Shift + Q
Toggle raw command line input Ctrl + Shift + R
Select all marked items Ctrl + Shift + S
Transfer selected items Ctrl + Shift + T
Create a new file Ctrl + Shift + Insert
Saves the current path of the active pane Alt + P
Exit FlashFXP Alt + X
Toggle marked items Spacebar
Go up one level to the parent directory Backspace
Create a new folder Insert
Delete selected items Delete
Help F1
Rename F2
Find or Find the next F3
Open Site Manager F4
Refresh F5
Open Preferences dialogue F6
Open Edit Custom Commands dialogue F7
Open Quick Connect dialogue F8
Minimize to System Tray F9
Open the Restore Queue dialogue F11
Opens a new copy of FlashFXP F12

FlashFXP offers unique features that other software may not provide, such as multi-firewall and proxy support, speed limiting, server file searching, remote editing with automatic uploading, automated transfer scheduling, priority transfer lists, extensive file transfer rules, and a customizable interface. However, if you’re seeking a FlashFXP alternative, consider trying out CuteFTP software. Also, take a look at the CuteFTP shortcuts list.


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