24 Lingq Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Lingq Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Lingq Shortcuts

Action Lingq Shortcut Keys
Go to the next shaded word Left & Right Arrow key
Move to the previous option on the blue pane Up Arrow key
Move to the next option on the blue pane Down Arrow key
Create a LingQ with the selected meaning or open the selected dictionary Enter
Previous page Shift + Left Arrow key
Next page Shift + Right Arrow key
Increase or decrease font size
Play tts audio S
Play sentence audio A
Add tag T
Show sentence translation Shift + T
Check dictionary D
Create LingQ and focus the cursor in the meaning field H
Choose the selected meaning and open the dictionary E
Go to the next blue word B
Flag selected meaning Shift + F

Audio Player Shortcuts

Action Lingq Shortcut keys
Play/Pause audio Spacebar
Rewind audio x seconds Ctrl + X

Status Shortcuts

Action Lingq Shortcuts
Status 1 1
Status 2 2
Status 3 3
Status 4 4
Known (green check) K
Ignore, remove X


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