45 Emacs Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

The use of Emacs is enhanced by knowing a few Emacs Shortcuts. The sole purpose of this article is to provide you with the Emacs shortcuts. Emacs is also known as a real-time display text editor. Familiarize yourself with these Emacs shortcut keys to make you perfect in it.

Download the Emacs Cheat Sheet PDF

Below is the list of the most basic and frequently used Emacs Shortcut keys. You can download Emacs Shortcuts for Linux users in the form of a PDF.

Most used Emacs Shortcuts

Action Emacs Cheat Sheet
Open file Ctrl + F
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + W
Save All S
Revert to File Ctrl + V
Revert Buffer Meta + X
Close Window or Buffer K
Quit Ctrl + Q
Begin Selection Ctrl + Spacebar
Cancel Selection Ctrl + G
Copy Selection Meta + W
Cut Selection Ctrl + W
Cut Line Ctrl + K
Paste Ctrl + Y
Copy Selection to Numbered Clipboard Ctrl + X R S
Paste from Numbered Clipboard Ctrl + X R I
Delete Delete
Forward Delete Ctrl + D
Delete Word Meta + Delete
Forward Delete word Meta + D
Undo Ctrl + _

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Search Shortcuts

Action Emacs Cheat Sheet
Incremental search Ctrl + S
Incremental search reverse Ctrl + R
Regexp incremental search Meta + Ctrl + S
Regexp incremental search reverse Meta + Ctrl + R
Interactive Search and Replace Meta + %
Previous Matching Bracket Meta + Ctrl + B
Next Matching Bracket Meta + Ctrl + F

Formatting Shortcuts

Action Emacs Cheat Sheet
Re-flow Paragraph Meta + Q
Indent Selection Meta + Ctrl + \
Uppercase Word Meta + U
Lowercase Word Meta + L
Capitalize Word Meta + C
Uppercase Selection Ctrl + U
Lowercase Selection Ctrl + L

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Macros Shortcuts

Action Emacs Shortcuts
Start Recording (
Stop Recording )
Repeat command # times Meta + #
Play Macro E

Window Shortcuts

Action Emacs Cheat Sheet
Next Window B
Choose Window Ctrl + B
Maximize 1
Split Horizontal 2
Split Vertical 3
Switch Focus Between Windows 0
Activate Menu Bar Meta + ‘
Close K

Hence, by learning all of the above Emacs Shortcut keys you will be on your way to becoming an Emacs Expert. Vim is another text editor that users might wonder to opt for. Have a look at Vim Shortcuts. Which text editor you opt for is completely an individual’s choice.


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