20 Android Emulator Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

Android Emulator Shortcuts can help you configure Android Virtual Devices faster and easier. A developer can run tests on the app in order for it to run well on a wide range of Android devices. Why shortcuts are so important because it helps you to gain some precious time that can be utilized for more powerful operations.

Download Android Emulator Shortcuts PDF

Given below is the list of Android Emulator Shortcut keys for Windows and Mac devices. You can download the Android Emulator Shortcuts in the form of PDF form.

Most used Android Emulator Shortcuts

Action Android Emulator Shortcut keys Windows Android Emulator Shortcut keys Mac
Home Button Home key Home key
Settings Button F2 F2
Start Button Shift + F2 Shift + F2
Back Button Esc Esc
Call or Dial Button F3 F3
Hang Up or End Call Button F4 F4
Search Button F5 F5
Trackball mode F6 F6
Power Button F7 F7
Toggle cell network F8 F8
Toggle code profiling F9 F9
Camera Button Ctrl + F3 Command + F3
Volume Up Ctrl + F5 Command + F5
Volume Down Ctrl + F6 Command + F6
Switch layout orientation to portrait or landscape backward Ctrl + F11 Command + F11
Switch layout orientation to portrait or landscape forwards Ctrl + F12 Command + F12
Fullscreen mode Alt + Enter Option + Return
Enter trackball mode while the key is pressed Delete Delete
Dial Pad left 4 4
Dial Pad up 8 8
Dial Pad right 6 6
Dial Pad down 2 2
Dial Pad center click 5 5

This list of Android Emulator Shortcut keys will help you to increase the testing speed of the application and work with it. Android Emulator has certain limitations like USB connection, failing to determine SD card, etc. Hence the usage of Android Studio and ArchiCAD comes into play. Checkout for Android Studio Shortcuts, and Checkout for ArchiCAD Shortcuts.


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