111 Corel Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts

Meeting the demands of the publishing industry becomes easier with Corel Ventura Shortcuts. Corel Ventura is a highly productive and easy-to-use desktop publishing tool.

Download Corel Ventura Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Corel Ventura Shortcuts that will assist you in efficiently working on large documents. Download the Corel Ventura Shortcut list in PDF format.

Most used Corel Ventura Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Cancel Esc
Exit Alt + F4
Close Publication Window Ctrl + F4
Find and Replace Ctrl + F
Edit Item Ctrl + D
Ruling and Lines Shift + F8
Options Ctrl + Shift + O
Update Auto Numbering Ctrl + F2
Hyphenation Dialog Ctrl + Alt + H
Text Ctrl + Shift + S
Frame Ctrl + F7
Format Table Ctrl + F9
Help Topics F1
Help Screen or Menu Shift + F1
Display PopUp Menu Shift + F10
Insert Hidden Text Alt + Shift + H
Spelling Ctrl + F8

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Text Formatting Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Double Underline Ctrl + Shift + D
Normal Ctrl + M
Uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Center Align Ctrl + E
Left Align Ctrl + L
Right align Ctrl + R
Justify Ctrl + J
SubScript Ctrl + =
SuperScript Alt + =
Delete Delete
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Repeat Ctrl + Alt + Y
Kern Looser Ctrl + [
Kern Tighter Ctrl + ]
Decrease Interline Spacing Ctrl + Shift + {
Increase Interline Spacing Ctrl + Shift + }
Zoom in Font Ctrl + Shift + +
Zoom out Font Ctrl + Shift + –

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Special Characters Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Copyright Ctrl + Alt + C
Discretionary Hyphen Ctrl + Shift + H
Double Opening quote Shift + “
Em Dash Alt + Shift + _
Em Space Ctrl + Shift + M
En Space Ctrl + Shift + N
En Dash Alt + –
Figure Space Ctrl + Alt + F
Line Break Shift + Enter
NonBreaking Space Ctrl + Spacebar
Insert Page Break Ctrl + Enter
Registered Ctrl + Alt + R
Single Opening Quote
Single Closing Quote Alt + ‘
Thin Space Ctrl + T
Trademark Ctrl + Alt + T
Ellipsis Alt + .

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Zoom and View Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Copy Editor Alt + F10
Page Layout Alt + F11
Master Page Alt + F12
Refresh Window Ctrl + W
Split Window Ctrl + Alt + S
Previous Dialog F7
Zoom in F2
Zoom out F3
Zoom to the Actual Size F4
Zoom to the Whole Page F5
Facing Page Zoom F6
Zoom Dialog Shift + F2
Zoom to Selected Shift + F6
Close Window Ctrl + F1
Switch to the Next window Ctrl + F6
Show Tabs and Returns Ctrl + H
Show or Hide Frame Borders Ctrl + K
Snap to Grid Ctrl + Q
Show Column Guides Ctrl + Alt + G

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Node Editing Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Add Node Ctrl + Alt + A
Delete Node Ctrl + Alt + D
Select the Start Node of Curve Home
Select the End Node of the Curve End

Alignment Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Alignment Ctrl + Alt + A
Group Alt + G
Ungroup Alt + U
Order to front Shift + F11
Order to back Shift + F12
Order Forward One Ctrl + F11
Order Backward One Ctrl + F12

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Tagging Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Tag 0..9 Ctrl + 0..9
Manage Overrides Ctrl + F10
Add Paragraph Tag Ctrl + Shift + B
Font List Ctrl + Shift + F
Font Size Ctrl + Shift + P
Tag List Ctrl + Shift + T
Paragraph or Selection Properties Alt + Enter

Text Selection Shortcuts

Action Corel Ventura Shortcuts
Select the beginning of a word Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Select to Beginning of the Paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Select to End of the Paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Select Text to Beginning of File Ctrl + Shift + Home
Select Text to End of File Ctrl + Shift + End
Select One Line-Up Shift + Up Arrow key
Select One Line Down Shift + Down Arrow key
Select All Ctrl + A
Delete one word from the Left Ctrl + Backspace
Delete one word from the Right Ctrl + Delete
Delete Pages Ctrl + D

What sets Corel Ventura apart from other publishing software is its exceptional internet integration and features that save you time and money. The best alternative to Corel Ventura is Adobe InDesign, developed by Adobe Systems. Why not take a look at the Adobe InDesign Shortcut keys list?



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