75 Corel Quattro Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Our aim here is to familiarize you with most of the Quattro Pro shortcuts. Quattro Pro primarily focuses on solving material science problems rather than engineering problems. Additionally, Quattro Pro can be used to open files from other spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel.

Download Corel Quattro Pro Shortcuts PDF

The list below outlines Quattro Pro shortcuts, designed for those who are not yet familiar with the Quattro Pro software. Download the Corel Quattro Pro Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Function keys Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcuts
Open Help F1
Open Writing Tools Dialog Box Ctrl + F1
Activates Edit Mode F2
Activate Debug Mode to Execute Macro Shift + F2
Open Formula Composer Dialog Box Ctrl + F2
Open Play Macro Dialog Box Alt + F2
Shows List of Available Macros Shift + F3
Display List of SpreadSheet Functions Alt + F3
Create a Named Cell or Cell Area Ctrl + F3
Exit Quattro Pro Alt + F4
Close window Ctrl + F4
Open Goto Dialog Box F5
Switch Group Mode On or Off Alt + F5
Jump to Other Pane if the window is Split F6
Refresh Output of Previous Notebook Query F7
Refresh Output of Previous What if Table F8
Open Data Sort Dialog Box Alt + F9
Separates Group into Individual Cells Ctrl + F8
Move Selector to Menu Bar F10
Display Current Chart F11
Display Properties of Active Cells F12
Open Visual Basic Editor Alt + F11
Show Application Properties Alt + F12
Show Properties of Current Spreadsheet Ctrl + F12

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File Menu Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcuts
Open File Menu Alt + F
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As F3
Print Ctrl + P
Page Setup Alt + F + G
Exit Alt + F4

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcut keys
Open Edit Menu Alt + E
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X

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Text Formatting Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcut keys
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Align Center Text Ctrl + E
Left Align Text Ctrl + L
Right Align Text Ctrl + R
Erase Character from Left Backspace
Insert Date Ctrl + D
Insert Hard Page Break Ctrl + Enter
Terminate Execute Macro Ctrl + Break
Erase Content from the Cell Delete
Move Right to Column Tab
Select Object in the Chart Ctrl + Tab
Move Left One Cell Shift + Tab
Move Left One Screen Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move Right One Screen Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Show SpeedFormat Dialog Box Ctrl + Shift + F
Show Symbols dialogue Box Ctrl + W
Find and Replace Ctrl + F
Activate Styles List Box in Property Bar Ctrl + Shift + S

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Formula keys Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcut keys
Expand Outline by One Level Ctrl + +
Collapse Outline by One Level Ctrl + –
Expand Whole Outline by Formula Ctrl + Shift + 8
Go to Referenced Cell in Formula Ctrl + F
Returns to Previous Cell Containing Formula Ctrl + B
Replace Current Expression with an @Function Ctrl + O
Switch to Point Mode to specify A Cell Preference Ctrl + P
Replace Current Expression with Cell Name Ctrl + N

Edit Mode Shortcuts

Action Quattro Pro Shortcut keys
Exit Edit Mode Esc
Enters Data and Exit Edit Mode Enter
Move Down One Screen Page Down key
Move Up One Screen Page Up key
Toggle Insert and Overwrite Modes Insert
Toggle to Display Indicator on the Application Bar F2
Displays List of Macro commands Shift + F3
Display List of SpreadSheet Functions Alt + F3
Calculate and Display Formula Results on Input Line F9

Quattro Pro was once the leading spreadsheet program in its early days. However, in today’s time, it has been replaced by the powerful Microsoft Excel. Similar to Quattro Pro, we have also provided a list of Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys on our website.

Note: You need not worry much as the concepts and layouts are the same. You just need to learn to use a different set of menus.


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