60 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Keyboard Shortcuts

Experience the thrill of commanding powerful vehicles traversing the highways with Euro Truck Simulator 2 Shortcuts. Test your endurance, agility, and speed as you journey through dozens of cities in the game. The premise is straightforward: deliver cargo to various destinations.

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Shortcuts PDF

The provided Euro Truck Simulator 2 Shortcuts below will enhance your driving experience to new heights. We’ve compiled a list of every shortcut used in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for your convenience, available in PDF format.

Interface controls Hotkeys

Action Euro Truck Simulator 2 Shortcuts
Show/hide mirrors F2
Switching between modes of Route Advisor F3
Full lights control F4
Mouse control in Route Advisor F5
Route Advisor: Navigation page F6
Route Advisor: Information about orders F7
Route Advisor: Truck and truck diagnostics F8
Route Advisor information page F9
Take a screenshot F10

Camera controls hotkeys

Action Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hotkeys
Interior camera 1
Following camera 2
Vertical camera 3
Roof Camera 4
Window rear view camera 5
Bumper camera 6
Wheel front view camera 7
Exterior camera – cinematic 8
Next camera 9
Look left /
Look right *
Interior look forward 5
Interior look upright 9
Interior look up left 7
Interior look right 6
Interior look left 4
Interior look up middle 8

Vehicle controls hotkeys

Action Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hotkeys
Throttle W or Up Arrow key
Brake S or Down Arrow key
Turn left A or Left Arrow key
Turn right D or Right Arrow key
Gear up Shift
Gear down Ctrl
Start or turn off the engine E
Handbrake Spacebar
Exhaust brake B
Retarder Increase ;
Retarder Decrease
Raise r lower axle U
Differential Lock V
Lights mode L
Main-beam headlights K
Warning lights O
Sound signal H
Air horn N
Light signal J
Windscreen wipers P
Cruise control C
Dashboard display mode I
Confirm selection Enter
Connect or disconnect the trailer T
Go to the audio player or radio R
World map M
Garage manager G
Main control panel Esc
Radio R
Quick Save Scroll Lock

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