20 Bitrix24 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Bitrix24 Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Bitrix24 Shortcuts

Action Bitrix24 Shortcut keys
Turn the microphone on/off Ctrl + Shift + A
Turn on the microphone temporarily (push to talk) Spacebar
Enable/disable the screen display Ctrl + Shift + S
Turn the camera on/off Ctrl + Shift + V
Enable/disable call recording Ctrl + Shift + R
Raise/Lower Hand Ctrl + Shift + H
Collapse/uncollapse call Ctrl + Shift + C
Enable Speaker or Grid mode depending on the currently selected mode Ctrl + Shift + W
Enable/disable the sound, coming from the participants Ctrl + Shift + M
Open/close the list of participants (in the video conference) Ctrl + Shift + U

Browser Shortcuts

Action Bitrix24 Shortcut Keys
Switch to the search for a chat room Alt + 0
Open chat from the list of recent chats Alt + 1-9
(click message menu) Cite the message Ctrl + Mouse Left Click
(in the input field) Quick editing of a previous message Up Arrow key
(click a user’s avatar) Inserting a name in the input field Ctrl + Mouse Left Click
Use boldface for the highlighted text Ctrl + B
Make the highlighted text in a slanted font Ctrl + I
Underline the highlighted text Ctrl + U
Cross out the highlighted text Ctrl + S
Change the layout of the highlighted text Ctrl + E


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