60 ARK Survival Evolved Keyboard Shortcuts

With the help of Ark: Survival Evolved shortcuts, you can maximize Ark’s functionality and optimize its startup and graphical settings to provide you with the best possible survival experience. Your opportunity to make full use of everything ARK has to offer only arises when you reach a point where experience allows you to take more calculated risks.

List of ARK Survival Evolved Shortcuts

The list of Ark Survival Shortcuts below may not be exhaustive, but it’s crucial to seize every opportunity to learn and gain experience.

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Actions Shortcuts

Action ARK Keyboard Controls
Open Inventory I
Use E
Access Other’s Inventory F
Use Hotbar Slot Item 0-9
Open Map M
Item Menu ?
Whistle Menu

Chat Shortcuts

Action ARK Keyboard Controls
Toggle Auto-Hide Chatbox \
Global Chat Enter
Local Chat Insert
Tribe Chat /
Alliance Chat Home
Scroll Chat Up Page Up key
Scroll Chat Down Page Down key
Push to Talk B

Movement Shortcuts

Action ARK Survival Evolved Shortcuts
Move Forward W
Move Backwards S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Run Shift
Toggle Run Shift
Jump Spacebar
Crouch C
Prone X

Battle Shortcuts

Action ARK Survival Evolved Shortcuts
Primary Fire Left Mouse Click
Aim-Down Sights or Alternate Fire Right Mouse Click
Toggle Fists Q
Reload weapon R
Drag Body G
Melee or Pistol Whip Ctrl
Toggle Weapon Attachment N

Camera Shortcuts

Action ARK Keyboard Controls
Toggle Orbit Camera K
Zoom Camera In or Out Mouse Scroll Up & Down

Whistles Shortcuts

Action ARK Keyboard Controls
Whistle Selection
Follow All J
Follow One T
Stop All T
Stop One Y
Attack My Target =
Passive ;
Attack This Target .
Move To Position ,

Other Shortcuts

Action ARK Keyboard Controls
Extended HUD Info H
Toggle HUD Backspace
Emotes [
Show Craftables V
Defecate +
Mount or Dismount E
Brake X
Throw Shoulder Mount R
Aileron roll/3rd action C
Flip Wall E
Snap point cycle Q
Drop Item O
Transfer Stack T
Transfer Half-Stack Shift + T
Transfer Item Ctrl + T
Equip item Shift + 0-9
Unequip item Ctrl + 0-9

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