127 Guitar Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Guitar Pro Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Guitar Pro Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcuts
New – Steel guitar Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Close Ctrl + W
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Score information F5
Stylesheet F7
Print preview F8
Print Ctrl + P
Preferences F12
Quit Ctrl + Q
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Multitrack cut Ctrl + Shift + X
Multitrack copy Ctrl + Shift + C
Special paste Ctrl + Shift + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Go to Ctrl + G
Edit automation F10

Bar Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcut keys
Insert bar Ctrl + Insert
Delete bar Ctrl + Delete
Clef K
Key signature Ctrl + K
Time signature Ctrl + T
Triplet Feel Ctrl + /
Free time |
Repeat open [
Repeat close ]
Directions D
Multi rest Ctrl + R
Force line break Ctrl + Enter
Prevent line break &
Insert/remove Shift + Insert
Previous Section Alt + Left Arrow key
Next section Alt + Right Arrow key
Repeat one bar %
Repeat two bars Ctrl + %

Track Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcuts
Add Ctrl + Shift + Insert
Delete Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Move up Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Move down Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Properties F6

Note Shortcuts

Action Guitar Shortcut keys
Insert a beat Insert
Delete the beats Shift + Delete
Copy beats at the end C
Tie note L
Tie the beat Shift + L
Fermata F
Rest R
Brush downstroke Ctrl + D
Brush upstroke Ctrl + U
Arpeggio down Ctrl + Shift + D
Arpeggio up Ctrl + Shift + U
Rasgueado Shift + R
PickStroke down Shift + D
PickStroke up Shift + U
One semitone down Shift + –
One semitone up Shift + +
Shift down Alt + Down Arrow key
Shift up Alt + Up Arrow key
Chord A
Barre Shift + I
Text T
Increase +
Dotting %
Double dotting Ctrl + %
Triplet /
Double flat Ctrl + Alt + 7
Flat Ctrl + 7
Natural Ctrl + 8
Sharp Ctrl + 0
Double sharp Ctrl + Alt + 9
Change the accidental Ctrl + Alt + 8

Sound Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcut keys
Play Spacebar
Play from the beginning Ctrl + Spacebar
First bar Ctrl + Home
Rewind Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Fast forward Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Last bar Ctrl + End
Play in loops / Speed trainer F9
RSI (Realistic Sound Engine) F2

View Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcut keys
Design mode Ctrl + Alt + D
Multitrack F3
Enable browser Ctrl + B
Fretboard F6
Keyboard F6
Drums F6
Fullscreen F11

Effects Shortcuts

Action Guitar Pro Shortcuts
Dead note X
Ghost note O
Accented note ;
Heavily accented note :
Staccato !
Tenuto _
Legato Shift + H
Palm mute note [
Palm mute ]
Natural harmonic Y
Artificial harmonics Alt + Y
Bend B
Tremolo bar Shift + W
Hammer on / pull-off H
Left-hand tapping (
Tapping )
Slap $
Pop Ctrl + $
Trill N
Fade in <
Fade out >
Volume swell Ctrl + < or >
Wah open Alt + O
Wah close Alt + C
Before the beat G
On the beat Alt + G
Left-Hand Vibrato (slight) V
Left-Hand Vibrato (wide) Alt + V
Vibrato with a tremolo bar (slight) W
Vibrato with a tremolo bar (wide) Alt + W
Legato slide S
Shift slide Alt + S
Thirty-second note
Check the bars’ duration F4
Move/swap voices Ctrl + Shift + M


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