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52 Zim Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most Used Zim Shortcuts

Action Zim Shortcuts
Toggle visibility of side pane(s) F9
Show all side panes Ctrl + F9
Toggle focus between index and buffer Ctrl + Spacebar
Open the side pane if the index is invisible Ctrl + Spacebar
Focus on the next interface element (gtk default) Ctrl + Tab
Focus on the previous interface element (gtk default) Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close side pane (when the focus is on a side pane) Esc
Go to the home page Alt + Home
Go one page back in history Alt + Left Arrow Key
Go one page forward in history Alt + Right Arrow Key
Go one level up in the page hierarchy Alt + Up Arrow Key
Go one page down in the page hierarchy Alt + Down Arrow Key
Go to the previous page in the index Alt + Page Up key
Go to the next page in the index Alt + Page Down key
Go to today’s page Alt + D
Quit the application Ctrl + Q
Close window Ctrl + W
Find on the current page Ctrl + F
Find next Ctrl + G
Find Previous Shift + Ctrl + G
Search on all pages Shift + Ctrl + F
Find and Replace Ctrl + H
Save page (forced) Ctrl + S
Save version… Shift + Ctrl + S
Reload page (saves first) Ctrl + R
Jump to page… (either an existing or a new page) Ctrl + J
Link selected text (follow the selected text as a link when read-only) Ctrl + L
Copy a link to the current page to the clipboard Shift + Ctrl + L
Show the “edit link” dialog Ctrl + E
Insert timestamp Ctrl + D
Make the selected text a heading Ctrl + 1
Make selected text normal Ctrl + 9
Make selected text strong Ctrl + B
Make selected text italic Ctrl + I
Make selected text underlined (renders highlighted) Ctrl + U
Make selected text strike-trough Ctrl + K
Make selected text verbatim text (monospace font) Ctrl + T
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Show the calendar dialog Shift + Ctrl + D
Show the manual F1
Rename current page F2
Find next (same as Ctrl + G) F3
Find previous (same as Ctrl + G) Shift + F3
Reload page (same as Ctrl + R) F5
Toggle the checkbox item to ‘OK’ F12
Toggle the checkbox item to ‘NOK’ Shift + F12
Insert a link to the selected page Ctrl + L
Copy the selected page to the clipboard Shift + Ctrl + L
Search in the page list as shown Ctrl + F
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