78 Autodesk Vault Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Autodesk Vault Shortcuts for Windows

Vault Standalone Client Shortcuts

Action Autodesk Vault Shortcuts
Paste Ctrl + V
Open Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste as link Ctrl + Alt + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Delete Ctrl + D
Edit properties Ctrl + E
Move to folder Ctrl + Shift + V
Refresh F5
Find Ctrl + F
Manage ownership Ctrl + M
Update Ctrl + U
Item icon – Go to Item Ctrl + Mouse Left Click
Item icon – Open the item from the file Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Left Click
Change item number Ctrl + H
Check-in Ctrl + I
Check out Ctrl + O
Go to the working folder Ctrl + W
Help F1
Back Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Forward Ctrl + Right Arrow key

Copy Design dialog Shortcuts

Action Autodesk Vault Shortcut keys
Log In Alt + F then I
Log out Alt + F then G
Save Alt + F then Q
Save as Alt + F then S
Load Alt + F then L
Add files Alt + F then A
Clear root node Alt + F then C then Ctrl + N
Execute copy Alt + F then E then Ctrl + E
Exit Alt + F then X then Ctrl + Q
Panels Alt + V then P
Grid view Alt + V then G
Show grid lines Alt + V then L
Show banding Alt + V then B
Show drawing view Alt + V then D
Show children Alt + V then C
Automatic column sizing Alt + V then O
Find Alt + V then F then Ctrl + F
Find and replace Ctrl + H
Refresh Alt + V then R then F5
Copy Alt + A then P
Copy all Alt + A then A
Copy to Alt + A then O
Copy top nodes Alt + A then N
Copy branch Alt + A then B
Copy branch to Alt + A then T
Reuse Alt + A then R
Reuse all Alt + A then L
Reuse branch Alt + A then E
Replace Alt + A then P
Exclude Alt + A then X
Detach Alt + A then D
Clear action Alt + A then A then Ctrl + Z
Go To Alt + A then G then Ctrl + G
Numbering scheme Alt + O then N
Action rules Alt + O then A
Automatically copy parents Alt + O then C
Link drawings with model Alt + O then L
Select references Alt + O then S
Help F1
About Alt + H then A

Add-ins Shortcuts

Action Autodesk Vault Shortcuts
Go to Vault Alt + U then G
Log in Alt + U then L
Log out Alt + U then O
Open Alt + U then E
Go to Workspace Alt + U then A then T then W
Refresh Alt + U then R
Check-In Alt + U then H
Check Out Alt + U then K
Undo Check Out Alt + U then U
Vault Options Alt + U then V
Update Properties Alt + U then D
Change State Alt + U then N then G
Get revision Alt + U then T then R
Revise Alt + U then I
Manage ownership Alt + U then M



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