150 Houdini Shortcuts for Windows – Houdini Shortcuts PDF

download houdini shortcuts pdf

Train yourself with the below set of Houdini Shortcuts for Windows users that will help you to speed up the workflow. I started using the Houdini Shortcuts on the biggest projects to complete the most difficult task and achieve the best and most realistic results. Houdini was specifically designed for artists working in 3D animation and VFX for films, TV, video games, etc.

Download Houdini Shortcuts PDF

The Houdini Shortcuts will help artists from different industries to work on their projects. The below list of Houdini shortcuts has many common and not-so-common hotkeys. Also, Download the Houdini Shortcuts for Windows users in the form of a PDF.

Most used Houdini Shortcuts

Action Houdini Shortcuts
New pane tab Ctrl + T
Tear off the pane tab Alt + Shift + C
Next pan tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Previous pane tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Close pane tab Ctrl + W
Close all pane tab Alt + /
Network control Alt + \
Move the play bar here Alt + P
Maximize pane Ctrl + B
Split pane left or right Alt + [
Split pan top or bottom Alt + ]
Select viewport Ctrl + N
Edit path as text Ctrl + I
Scene view Alt + 1
Network view Alt + 2
Parameters Alt + 3
Tree view Alt + 4
Textport Alt + 5
Channel Editor Alt + 6
Material palette Alt + 7
Details view Alt + 8
Context view Alt + 9
Play forward Up Arrow key
Playback Down Arrow key
Next frame Right Arrow key
Previous frame Left Arrow key
First frame Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Next scoped frame Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Previous scoped frame Ctrl + Left Arrow key

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Network View Shortcuts

Action Houdini Hotkeys
Tool menu Tab
Next pane Alt + Left Arrow key
Previous pane Alt + Right Arrow key
Select all A
Colour palette C
Display Options Down Arrow key
Drop on wire E
Focus – pans, and zooms F
Focus or home in large G
Focus – pans, and centers H
Dive into network I
Set keyframe at obj level K
Layout and center L
Toggle names N
Overview window O
Mini parameter editor P
Repeat the last tool Q
Reorder inputs R
Toggle splines S
Tree list view T
Jump up out of network U
Outliner view W
Group menu X
Previous zoom level Z

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Scene View Shortcuts

Action Houdini Hotkeys
Select S
Move T
Rotate R
Scale E
Handle Enter key
View Esc
Tool menu Tab
Repeat the last tool Q
Objects 1
Points 2
Edges 3
Primitives 4
Vertices 5
Particles 6
Dynamics 7
Toggle object or geometry F8
Toggle wireframe or shaded W
Display Options D
Restore camera view [
Orthographic O
Select all Ctrl + A
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Home grid H
Home all A
Home selected Shift + G
Frame grid F
Frame all Shift + A
Frame selected Shift + F
Expand viewport B
Perspective view 1
Top view 2
Front view 3
Right view 4
UV view 5
Single view Ctrl + 1
Four view Ctrl + 2
Two views stacked Ctrl + 3
Two views side by side Ctrl + 4
Three views split bottom Ctrl + 5
Three views split left Ctrl + 6
Four views split bottom Ctrl + 7
Four views split left Ctrl + 8
Grid X
Primitive C
Point V
Multi-snapping Ctrl + J

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List Controls Shortcuts

Action Houdini Hotkeys
Move up list Up Arrow key
Move down list Down Arrow key
Expand Left Arrow key
Collapse Right Arrow key
Page up Page Up key
Page down Page Down key
Sort ascending Shift + A
Sort Descending Shift + D
Sort nothing Shift + N
Edit name Enter
Delete Delete

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Channel Editor Shortcuts

Action Houdini Hotkeys
Import into Displayed parameters >
Export into Displayed parameters <
Isolate channels I
Include channels Shift + I
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Delete
Tie or Untie T
Set selection to default values B
Set selected slopes to zero 0
Smooth selected slopes 9
Home channels H
Home playback range J
Home global range Shift + J
Frame selection F
Vertical adapt V
Show scale handle Y
Show full channel names N
Show channel names Shift + N
Show group list X

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Render View Shortcuts

Action Houdini Hotkeys
Cancel render Esc
Display Options D
Inspector I
Home H
Detail view M
Repeat zoom Shift + /
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Red 1
Green 2
Blue 3
Alpha 4
Suspend all jobs S
Restart all jobs R
Kill all jobs Shift + K
Clear completed jobs C

Houdini has the ability to achieve a high level of flexibility and control to achieve creativity and productivity. Houdini software is not so popular when compared with other VFX software i.e. Blender, Maya, & Cinema 4D. Check out Blender Shortcuts. Check out Maya Shortcuts. Check out Cinema 4D Shortcuts.


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