19 The Settlers 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn The Settlers IV Shortcuts for Windows

Most used The Settlers IV Shortcuts

Action The Settlers 4 Shortcuts
Quit the game/Cancel the chat message Esc
Quick save Ctrl + S
Correspond to the five submenus of the BUILD menu Q or W or E or R or T
Correspond to the four submenus of the SETTLERS menu A or S or D or F
Production menus Z or X or C
Activate the chat line. Press again to send the message. Esc cancels the message Enter
Jump to the current message Spacebar
Switch pause on/off P
Jump to the start position H
Scroll in the corresponding direction Arrow keys
Zoom in Page Up key
Zoom out Page Down key
Html help F1
Switch screen resolution to 800×600 F2
Switch screen resolution to 1024×768 F3
Switch screen resolution to 1280×1024 F4
Open the main menu F6
Show/hide clock F7
Save a JPEG screenshot in the “Grap” directory Print Screen



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