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66 Claws Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Claws Mail Shortcuts

Learn Claws Mail Shortcuts for Windows

Main Window Shortcuts

Action Claws Mail Shortcuts
Print. Ctrl + P
Work offline Ctrl + W
Synchronise folders Ctrl + Shift + S
Save as… Ctrl + S
Exit Ctrl + Q
Copy Ctrl + C
Select all Ctrl + A
Find in current message… Ctrl + F
Search folder… Shift + Ctrl + F
Toggle threaded display Ctrl + T
Go to next mail in Message List. The Down arrow does the same. N
Go to the previous mail. The Up arrow is a synonym. P
Go to the next unread mail. Shift + N
Go to the previous unread mail. Shift + P
Go to another folder… G
Show message source Ctrl + U
Show all message headers Ctrl + H
Toggles the message view panel visibility. V
Positions the cursor on the Quicksearch field, also opening the Quicksearch panel if needed /
Update summary Ctrl + Alt + U
Get mail from the current account Ctrl + I
Get mail from all accounts Shift + Ctrl + I
Compose a new message Ctrl + M
Reply Ctrl + R
Reply to all Shift + Ctrl + R
Reply to the mailing list Ctrl + L
Forward message Ctrl + Alt + F
Move… Ctrl + O
Copy… Shift + Ctrl + O
Move to trash Ctrl + D
Empty all Trash folders Shift + D
Mark message Shift + *
Unmark message U
Mark the message as unread Shift + !
Open address book Shift + Ctrl + A
Execute X
Open log window Shift + Ctrl + L
Toggles menu bar visibility Ctrl + F12
Fullscreen F11

Compose Window Shortcuts

Action Claws Mail Shortcuts
Send Ctrl + Enter
Send later Shift + Ctrl + S
Attach file Ctrl + M
Insert file Ctrl + I
Insert signature Ctrl + G
Save Ctrl + S
Close Ctrl + W
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Move a character backward Ctrl + B
Move a character forward Ctrl + F
Move to the end of the line Ctrl + E
Move a previous line Ctrl + P
Move to the next line Ctrl + N
Delete a character backward Ctrl + H
Delete a character forward Ctrl + D
Delete line Ctrl + U
Delete to end of line Ctrl + K
Wrap current paragraph Ctrl + L
Wrap all long lines Ctrl + Alt + L
Toggle auto wrapping Shift + Ctrl + L
Edit with an external editor Shift + Ctrl + X
Open address book Shift + Ctrl + A



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