29 Questrade IQ Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Download Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts PDF

Learn Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts for Windows

Buy and Sell Shortcuts

Action Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts
Buy Limit F2
Sell limit F3
Buy market F4
Sell market F5
Buy at bid F6
Sell at bid F7
Buy at ask F8
Sell at ask F9
Buy stop F10
Sell stop F11
Change lock type Ctrl + L

Price & Qty Shortcuts

Action Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts
Increase price by 0.01 Alt + W
Increase price by 0.10 Alt + S
Increase price by 1.00 Alt + X
Decrease price by 0.01 Alt + Q
Decrease price by 0.10 Alt + A
Decrease price by 1.00 Alt + Z
Increase Qty by 10 Ctrl + W
Increase Qty by 100 Ctrl + E
Decrease Qty by 10 Ctrl + S
Decrease Qty by 100 Ctrl + D

Cancel Shortcuts

Action Questrade IQ Edge Shortcut keys
Cancel the last order for the current symbol Ctrl + P
Cancel all orders for the current symbol Ctrl + O
Cancel all orders Ctrl + I
Clear and reset to defaults Ctrl + M

Other Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts

Action Questrade IQ Edge Shortcuts
Show/Hide Order Entry widget in Level 2 Ctrl + R
Turn orders On/Off Alt + R
Navigate forward Ctrl + Page Up key
Navigate back Ctrl + Page Down key


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