25 XMetal Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

A flexible and welcoming XML editing environment is XMetal. XMetal Shortcuts are used by the graphical editor for creating and editing structured documents. Hence tempting that the users secretly make an attempt to try out these shortcuts afterwards. The XMetal Shortcuts simplify XML content creation.

Download XMetal Shortcuts PDF

Memorizing the below bunch of shortcuts does not seem like much of a big deal. Below list of shortcuts below will eliminate how often you reach for the mouse. The below list of XMetal Shortcuts allows anyone to create valid XML content with confidence. Download the XMetal Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Most used XMetal Shortcuts

Action XMetal Shortcuts
Accept Changes Ctrl + Alt + A
Attribute Inspector Alt + I
Change Element Ctrl + Alt + E
Copy as Reference Ctrl + Alt + C
Find Ctrl + F
Find Next Alt + F3
Insert CDATA Ctrl + D
Insert Comment Ctrl + Alt + 1
Insert Element Ctrl + I
Insert Entity Ctrl + Alt + Y
Insert Processing Instruction Ctrl + /
Insert Symbol Ctrl + 4
Insert Table Alt + T
Lock Alt + L
Join Element Ctrl + Alt + J
Next Change Ctrl + Alt + N
Previous Change Ctrl + Alt + P
Reject Change Ctrl + R
Release Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Reload Alt + Shift + F5
Remove Tag Ctrl + Alt + R
Select Element Ctrl + Alt + L
Set Conditions Alt + C
Spell Check Alt + F7
Validate Document F9
Split Element Alt + S

The way XMetal works is a lot different from how the word processor functions. Consequently, XMetal Author is considered the best XML editor in the market world today. Looking for an XMetal Alternative? Then consider opting for Elementor. We even have indexed Elementor Shortcuts as well.


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