25 XMetal Shortcuts You Should Know

List of XMetal Shortcuts

Learn XMetal Shortcuts for Windows

Most used XMetal Shortcuts

Action XMetal Shortcuts
Accept Changes Ctrl + Alt + A
Attribute Inspector Alt + I
Change Element Ctrl + Alt + E
Copy as Reference Ctrl + Alt + C
Find Ctrl + F
Find Next Alt + F3
Insert CDATA Ctrl + D
Insert Comment Ctrl + Alt + 1
Insert Element Ctrl + I
Insert Entity Ctrl + Alt + Y
Insert Processing Instruction Ctrl + /
Insert Symbol Ctrl + 4
Insert Table Alt + T
Lock Alt + L
Join Element Ctrl + Alt + J
Next Change Ctrl + Alt + N
Previous Change Ctrl + Alt + P
Reject Change Ctrl + R
Release Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Reload Alt + Shift + F5
Remove Tag Ctrl + Alt + R
Select Element Ctrl + Alt + L
Set Conditions Alt + C
Spell Check Alt + F7
Validate Document F9
Split Element Alt + S

Download XMetal Shortcut keys PDF

Download XMetal Shortcuts PDF



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