55 Balsamiq Mockups Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts are mostly beneficial to us when creating diagrams, mockups, or in other words wireframes for the web and mobile devices. Wireframes are diagrams that look like sketches of how the website or the application is going to look and function. It basically reproduces the experience of sketching on a notepad.

Download Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts PDF

Many designers, developers, and product managers appreciate its lightweight approach. But it also considers Balsamiq Shortcuts for its speed and simplicity. Given below is the Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts list that gives you additional power while working in Balsamiq. Download the Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Selection Shortcuts

Action Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts
Edit the selected control’s text F2
Add to selection Shift + Click
Toggle selection Ctrl + Click
Select All Ctrl + A
Deselect All Ctrl + Shift + A
Increase font or icon size Ctrl + ]
Decrease font or icon size Ctrl + [
Nudge selection 20px Shift + Up Arrow key
Nudge selection 1px Up Arrow key
Nudge-Resize selection 2px Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Nudge-Resize selection 20px Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Bring to front Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Send to back Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Bring forward Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Send backward Ctrl + Down Arrow key

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Edit Shortcuts

Action Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts
Undo the last command Ctrl + Y
Redo the last command Ctrl + Z
Cut the selected controls Ctrl + X
Copy the selected controls Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste In Place Ctrl + Shift + V
Delete the selected controls Delete
Duplicate the selected controls Ctrl + D
Lock the selected controls Ctrl + 2
Unlock all locked controls Ctrl + 3
Group the selected controls Ctrl + G
Ungroup the selected groups Ctrl + Shift + G

Align Shortcuts

Action Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts
Align selected controls left Ctrl + Alt + 1
Align selected controls center Ctrl + Alt + 2
Align selected controls right Ctrl + Alt + 3
Align selected controls top Ctrl + Alt + 4
Align selected controls middle Ctrl + Alt + 5
Align selected controls bottom Ctrl + Alt + 6

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Views Shortcuts

Action Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts
Hide or Show the UI Library Ctrl + L
Enter Full-Screen View Ctrl + F
Exit Full-Screen View Esc
Show or Hide Markup Ctrl + K
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –
Zoom to Actual Size Ctrl + 1
Zoom to Fit Ctrl + 0

Working with Mockup Files Shortcuts

Action Balsamiq Mockups Shortcuts
New Blank Mockup Ctrl + N
New Clone of Current Mockup Ctrl + Shift + N
Open a mockup file Ctrl + O
Save the current mockup file Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Close current mockup Ctrl + W
Close all mockups Ctrl + Shift + W
Export this mockup’s XML Ctrl + E
Import mockup Ctrl + Shift + E
Export Snapshot to Clipboard Ctrl + Shift + C
Export Snapshot to PNG Ctrl + R
Export All Snapshots to PNG Ctrl + Shift + R
Print mockup Ctrl + P
Quit Balsamiq Mockups Ctrl + Q

Creating wireframes and prototypes is what Balsamiq Mockups are best at, colour and font styling come later. However, if Balsamiq Mockups does not suit you and you are looking for a suitable replacement then you must try Figma. Figma is a vector-based wireframing and prototyping tool. Go through the Figma Shortcuts list.


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