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21 Workflowy Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Workflowy Shortcuts

Learn Workflowy Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Workflowy Shortcuts

Action Workflowy Shortcut keys
Zoom in Alt + Right Arrow Key
Zoom out Alt + Left Arrow Key
Expand Ctrl + Down Arrow Key
Collapse Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Indent Tab
Outdent. Alternatively, press Enter on an empty line Shift + Tab
Move up Alt + Shift + Up Arrow Key
Move down Alt + Shift + Down Arrow Key
Add a note Shift + Enter
Complete Ctrl + Enter
Duplicate Alt + Shift + D
Delete Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Search Esc
Show/hide completed Ctrl + O
Star page Shift + Ctrl + 8
Switch between pages Ctrl + K
Navigate home Ctrl + ‘
Toggle keyboard shortcuts help Ctrl + ?
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U



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