58 Configura Cet Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most Used Configura Cet Designer Shortcuts

Action Configura Cet Designer Shortcuts
Open CET Help F1
Open Photo Lab F2
Open the Calculation dialogue F9
Changes the selected object’s elevation Up respectively Page Up Key
Changes the selected object’s elevation Down respectively Page Down key
Activates the 3/4-click rotation tool 3
Zooms in/out +
Opens up the selected object’s component properties Q
Position tool R
Activate/deactivate detailed tooltips I
Scheme Painter P
Paste Selection A
Switch from group to single-select mode S
Dimension D
Insert Favourite F
Group selected objects G
Lock position L
Deactivate all CAD in 2D Z
Custom tools C
New View V
Block dialogue B
(hold) Overrides snapping Shift
Refresh screen F5
Delete selected objects Delete
Remember view pan/zoom 1-9 Ctrl + 1 – 9
Remember to view pan/zoom 10 Ctrl + 0
Close Ctrl + W
Freeze Ctrl + E
Remover Ctrl + R
Redo Ctrl + Y
Inverse selection Ctrl + I
Open drawing Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Select all Ctrl + A
Save drawing Ctrl + S
Search Ctrl + F
Ungroup Ctrl + G
Crop Ctrl + K
Undo Ctrl + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Create block Ctrl + B
New drawing Ctrl + N
Ruler Ctrl + M
Remove from group Shift + G
Unlock position Shift + L
Rotate objects Shift + Arrow keys
Restore view pan/zoom 1-9 Alt + 1 – 9
Restore view pan/zoom 10 Alt + 0
Freeze others Alt + E
Advanced selection Alt + S
Gather all open dialogues Alt + G
Unfreeze all Ctrl + Alt + E
Save as Ctrl + Alt + S
Graphical snapping Ctrl + Alt + F
Paste Ctrl + Alt + V
Copy with basepoint Ctrl + Shift + C



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